When selling, buying, or renting, it is essential to seek the advice of a real estate agent for short sale that will lead you to successfully close your deal.

At Oglobsa we give you the site. tips, to identify a good real estate agent.

1. A good communicator. - It is important that the agent you hire quickly tell you the situation you are in with your buying or selling process, to move immediately to another property or to another potential buyer, since the real estate market is time-sensitive.

It is very important that agents keep in touch with their clients, which may seem insignificant information to an agent, who has been in business for years, can be of vital importance for those clients who are new to the game of goods estate.

2.- It is Proactive.- A good agent analyzes the characteristics of the property or your requirements and initiates an exhaustive search for potential buyers or properties that fit what you requested, and keeps you informed of each of their efforts. A good agent does not wait for his clients to call him, rather, he is the first to report his work step by step.

3. Know the aspects of the real estate part.- If you do not understand a single word of what your real estate agent tells you when you talk to him, you have a big problem. As a client, you have the right to demand that your agent make clear all questions, needs, and requests.

A good agent is not only dedicated to "selling", a real estate agent, fully trained, is ready to advise you on all aspects of the sale, purchase or rental of a property, for example, must know the current prices of sale or rent in the location of your property, in order to advise you if the price is too low, high or consistent, know the financial and credit, the legal part, etc.

4. Motivate your clients.- Let's make it easy, if the client gets a good sale price, the agent gets a better commission, that's why it is so important to choose one that puts your interests ahead.

Selling or buying properties can be stressful and it is vital that the agent make sure that his client feels supported and satisfied.

5. Fits the communication needs of their client.- E s essential for a good agent will be able to 'IDENTIFY' to its customers, for example: some like to keep in touch by email, others prefer a message text or via Whatsapp, while others choose calls to know the status of their sale.

It is the agent's responsibility to determine the appropriate communication method for his clients, so that they do not feel ignored by silence, or pressured by excessive communication.

6. Identify the rush of your clients .- Time awareness is essential to have a good agent/client relationship. If a client needs to sell fast, the agent must know and must adjust to working in a limited period of time. When there is no rush to make the sale, the agent can then afford to advise the client to wait for the right time and to get a better price for their property.

7. Identify the sales or purchase needs of your clients. - A good real estate agent always knows the "why" that his clients are selling or buying.

Is the client selling one property to buy another ?; Do you want to buy a property as an investment?; Will you use this property for a while and then remodel it ?; etc.

These are situations that must be analyzed. A customer who is selling one of the several commercial properties he owns has different needs than the one who sells his family home. The agent must identify this difference, to plan his efforts based on the situation that is occurring.

8. You are not afraid to give your clients' data as references.- The best way to find a good real estate agent is through your previous clients, who serve as a reference. If you are interested in any agent or real estate company in particular and you think that is what you are looking for, ask your clients for references, it may be that the agent provides his services to a commercial company or a bank, do not hesitate to consult his clients, the agent's way of working.

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