A good organization is one that has a clear roadmap and vision, irrespective of the type of organization. Having a good organizational structure ensures methodical achievement of targets leading to growth.
Here is a look at 8 positives of a well-structured organization:
1. Well defined roles for individuals
The foremost goal of having a structure in place is to avoid overlap of duties or running around. Ensure efficient working of your organization by defining clear cut roles for everyone. Otherwise there will be multiple claimants for the same duties and less actual work getting done.
2. Smooth coordination between different arms
There are many different arms working in close coordination with each other in any reasonable-sized organization. Lack of coordination can create havoc, wastage of time and money, a disgruntled workforce, and most importantly, failure to achieve goals or even lack of client satisfaction. If there is an organizational structure in place, it helps to avoid all of these issues.
3. Less chances of conflict
A successful organization is one which works towards avoiding conflict. This is where structure plays a big role. Areas of responsibilities are fixed and outlined for everyone. There is less scope for anyone feeling overrun or threatened in such a workplace. Well-defined boundaries mean lesser conflict.
4. Aids in personal growth
When you do not have to worry about some other person taking your place or have to constantly look over the shoulder, it indeed is a highly positive aspect. With each person having a well-defined role in the organization, this makes for satisfied employees who can give wholeheartedly to the organization. In addition there is always scope for better personal growth when one is feeling secure in oneself.
5. Creates clear wage benefits
With clear structure and hierarchy in place, it is easier for organizations to work out and execute wages for employees. This also reflects in increments and wage revisions at periodic intervals. There is no area of ambiguity or employee dissatisfaction.
6. Communication is easier to disseminate
A lot of strategy gets diluted or distorted in communication. This is taken care of in a well-structured organization. There are established channels for communication. Steps to achieve the goal are clearly outlined and communicated to teams to carry it forward.
7. Helps in better planning and execution
From top to bottom in a structured organization, everyone knows what they are supposed to do. Planned approach towards growth can then be executed much better. All it needs is a brainstorming session and teams are ready to go. It is that much easier to follow the roadmap.
8. Promotes bonding
With clearly defined roles each person knows where they stand vis-a-vis the organization. This lessens the scope for friction and allows a secure environment for them. There is better capacity utilization directed at overall growth. In addition, employees feel free to bounce new ideas amongst themselves and often bond meaningfully.
After all, the bottom line of any organization, whether in the service industry or manufacturing, is growth and progress. A well-defined organizational structure helps to achieve this with ease.
A well-structured organization can derive positive outcomes in a number of ways. A properly maintained structure not only aids personal growth and leads to lesser amount of conflict, but it also makes room for clear-cut communication and paves the way for better planning and execution. On the whole, it leads to more growth and progress.

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Reshali Balasubramaniam
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