Many times we have all the resources and strategies to reach to a better place, but still are unable to meet that goal. This could be due to wrong channelizing of efforts and resources. Today, we are going to discuss on few techniques that would help you to acquire what you really want.

• Use Appropriate Anchor Text- The blue underlined text in the content that is a clickable hyperlink is known as Anchor text. Using appropriate anchor text implies to choosing the words that are content related instead of just using URL to link pages. This will make the content effective and the reader will also be curious about knowing about the anchor text used.

• Avoid using special characters in the URLs- It is always recommended to avoid using special characters in the URLs as it makes things complex and it is even hard for Google to recognize such kind of URLs at the time of crawling.

• Avoid using Session ID- The unique number assigned to the user by site server is called Session ID. Use of this ID must be avoided as it may lead to wrong indexing or not indexing at all. Session ID’s may be understood as numerous different site pages which may lead to duplicity in content.

• Image Optimization is must- Create Alt tag for each image you use on your website. Firstly, this is mentioned in Google guidelines. Secondly, this will increase your ranking even if you do not have any content, your keywords will still be easily identified.

• Use Sub directories instead of Sub domains when possible- If you have a blog page on your site you must certainly prefer Sub directories (Sub folder) as your site will be crawled more often because you will keep adding content to it, which will automatically take bring a hike in your ranking.

• Use no follow tag on low-value links- Your website may also consist links of other sites. It is recommended to use no follow tag for these links so the Google doesn’t crawl those links from your website. Not using this tag may result in low ranking as the other links will be given preference too.

• Use Hyphen, avoid Underscore (in URLs) - Hyphen is treated as word separator by search engine whereas underscore is treated as word joiner. Therefore, it is more relevant to use Hyphen so that all your words can be well understood by the search engine and there won’t be any trouble.

• Keep your content up to date- This is the well-known technique but we usually do not follow it due to our negligence. It is essential to keep our content up to date according to the market need as this will help us achieve our goals more quickly and easily.

Follow these techniques and the result will be visible to you. If you want to hire a professional SEO Company, you may contact to Dean Infotech who are always ready to provide the best IT services all around the globe.

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I am Digital Marketing Team Lead at Dean Infotech I have expertise of seven years in this field with a mentoring ability. I have contributed in various writings like blogs, articles, press releases and other contents about Latest Digital technologies, Digital Marketing and market trends.