As states across the United States and countries around the world are legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use, the industry is full of opportunities for growing, selling, and providing information about it. There’s also room for custom software developers to create apps surrounding this economically-advantageous product.

Here are some of the top existing apps on the market for growing, selling, locating, and learning more about different strains of marijuana. As you can see, there are still plenty of opportunities to find your own niche.
1. Leafly
The vision of this all-encompassing resource is “a world where everyone can experience the benefits of cannabis.” Leafly boasts 100 million visitors every year. Users can learn science-backed information about different strains and discover sellers and dispensaries across the United States and Canada. They can also read reviews, find out about the effects of various strains, and view maps to locate resources nearby.
2. PotBot
PotBot is aimed at patients using medical marijuana. Powered by a science-based algorithm and peer-reviewed research, the app helps users identify the best cannabis strain for their medical condition. The patient can learn which strain is ideal for relieving their specific symptoms. The recommendation process is simple, and the user can see their results in just minutes. You can also find dispensaries near you.

3. Weedmaps
Find plenty of brands, doctors, deals, dispensaries, and more via Weedmaps. You’ll be able to learn about and locate a wide range of products, including CBD oil, edibles, concentrates, and vape pens. The app also features maps to help you locate doctors, dispensaries, and storefronts near you, as well as find delivery services. You can also read reviews and news about the cannabis industry.
4. Massroots
Massroots is a community for cannabis enthusiasts. Users can check reviews, rate products, share their opinions and experiences with others, and read about news and studies related to marijuana. You’ll also find recipes, legislation — and plenty of memes. Follow and engage in discussions with other users in the community, too, from professionals in the industry to growers to appreciators of marijuana.
5. Tokr
Looking for a personalized cannabis experience? Then Tokr is for you. The products are aimed at addressing different purposes: rest and relaxation, aches and pains, stress, fitness recovery, and many others. There are edibles, pens, topicals, tinctures, beverages, and more. If you live in the Los Angeles area, you can get cannabis delivered to you. Otherwise, you can get CBD products shipped across the U.S.
6. Eaze
Aimed at providing safe access to cannabis and educating consumers, Eaze is an online platform that facilitates the secure delivery of products. Find recommendations and information about strains and consumption, read research and shop. You can also access the profiles of entrepreneurs in the industry.

If you live in certain areas, you can receive on-demand deliveries and track them in real-time. The app boasts more than 5 million legal deliveries, 600,000 registered customers, 1,200 jobs, and more than 100 licensed brands.
7. Greencamp
Greencamp provides the latest news, research, and advice about cannabis. The app offers an objective perspective on a range of topics, from using cannabis for pain management to the safety of consumption in dogs. Stories are researched and written in first-person by experts and cannabis aficionados. There’s also a tool for finding different strains. The app boasts hundreds of thousands of readers.
8. Muncheez
This all-in-one app lets you shop for cannabis products from licensed delivery services and dispensaries. You can also find doctors near you. Once you sign up, you’ll have access to exclusive deals and discounts and be able to review services, brands, and products, as well as receive alerts about new products from the brands you like best. You can also read news and research about laws and more in the industry.

When tech and cannabis combine, the result is a wide range of apps that any cannabis-related business, consumer, expert, or aficionado can enjoy. As the industry and market expand, so do the ways for users to find products, dispensaries, and doctors and learn about the goings-on in the industry.

Don’t see an app that has what you’re looking for? There are also opportunities to develop your own!

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