A desire to improve the appearance of the teeth is a major reason why many people choose Invisalign. However, this innovative teeth straightening option provides much more than just improved aesthetics.

Continue reading to find out more about Invisalign and why you should choose it to straighten your teeth.

1. Protection
If you grind your teeth while sleeping, Invisalign can function as their personal bodyguard. These clear aligners can help prevent enamel erosion and tooth breakage, allowing you to wake up with straighter teeth that are free of the damage caused by grinding. Because you must brush your teeth after eating or drinking anything other than water, Invisalign can help you achieve a whiter smile. Thanks to Invisalign, food residue has no time to discolor your teeth.

2. Better dental hygiene
Cleaning and maintaining a straighter smile is significantly easier. Flossing will be simple since your teeth will be evenly spaced in your mouth, allowing the floss to fit in between them. Brushing your teeth will also become less difficult, and you will be able to do it more effectively. Not to mention, practicing proper dental hygiene makes your dentist's job a lot easier!

3. Improved speech
Your talking ability will be improved with a straighter smile. The position of your teeth has an impact on your pronunciation. Clear aligners move your teeth into the natural position, helping you pronounce sounds more clearly. Your speaking voice will become more understandable, providing you the courage to present and talk in front of a huge audience!

4. Pain relief
As previously mentioned, clear aligners can help safeguard your teeth if you suffer from nighttime bruxism. With less wear and tear on your teeth, you’ll experience less pain than you did before using Invisalign. With Invisalign, you can forget about the pain in your face, jaw, and neck.

5. The simple and convenient treatment process
Invisalign can be custom-made for you, no matter how hectic your schedule is. There's no need to wait or make an appointment because your aligners will be delivered right to your door. To check on the progress of your treatment, you just need to visit your Invisalign specialist every six weeks

6. Prevention of food residue build-up
Food might get caught or stuck in your mouth if your teeth are crooked. This problem can allow bacteria to thrive and can be hard to detect during routine checkups. Clear aligners require you to brush or at least rinse your mouth after every meal. Straighter teeth also make it less likely that you'll accumulate food debris in your mouth.

7. Improved digestion
Clear aligners straighten your teeth into a better eating position. Better chewing means being able to thoroughly chew your meal and receive the most amount of nutrients. A correct bite is an initial stage in the proper digestion process. When your teeth are crooked or otherwise misshapen, the entire process might be thrown off.

8. Better jaw position
Most importantly, your Invisalign aligners will correct the misalignment in your mouth. This problem can result from issues like an overbite or underbite. Because of the misalignment, you may suffer difficulty chewing, joint soreness, clicking, or popping in your jaw. Your alignment can be improved with Invisalign, resulting in a more correct jaw position.

The bottom line
If you are considering straightening your teeth and don’t want to deal with unsightly metal brackets, consult an experienced dental specialist to determine if you’re a good candidate for clear aligners. Apart from improving the appearance of your smile, Invisalign can help enhance your dental hygiene and protect your teeth from damage and deterioration.

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