With technological developments and inventions being released at a rapid pace, technology is at an all-time high and you just can’t stop it!

How does one then stay pinned to the latest technology updates, then?

Don’t worry, we’re sharing 7 tech websites & blogs to help you stay informed!

1- TechCrunch.com

Popular and renowned in the field of technology, TechCrunch is a reliable source for countless tech enthusiasts who depend on this website to know about the latest gadgets, tech related news and recent ground-shaking inventions! 

Are you planning to purchase a new phone? Looking for reviews, perhaps? Consider TechCrunch since they are famous for receiving a high number of viewers every single month.

2- Techvizer.com

 The world of technology is advancing at outstanding speeds and you need a strong hold to grip onto if you wish to stay up to date on latest tech related news and discoveries. Luckily, techvizer.com is just what you need!

 3- TheNextWeb.com

  Unsure what Google’s up to? What’s Microsoft’s next move? What’s the update on Bitcoin?

TheNextWeb has you covered!

A well-informed, informative and versatile blog, TheNextWeb spins a "web" over business, culture and technological fields with great fervor. 

Upcoming gadgets and improvements in tech can keep you awake at night so don’t forget to check this blog regularly to know what’s cooking in the field of technology.

 4- Wired.com

You must’ve heard about wired.com right? No?

No worries, we’re here for you.

Wired.com bags the title for being one of the top 3 popular media on the internet that provides continuous and reliable news related to technology that is crafted exquisitely and this is why readers are pulled towards them.

Consider rejecting other websites once you’re hooked onto wired.com, they are the best at what they do!

5-  Gizmondo.com

Gizmondo is like your friend who has access to all the nicks and nags related to gadgets. Rest assured, drop all your concerns related to gadgets once you land you're with them.

Apple? Android? Microsoft? PC? Daily life technology? They have news, guides, reviews, and tutorials for all! 

Get ready for a jaw-dropping experience, Gizmondo.com is heaven for gadget enthusiasts and lovers! You should check out their website if you're into gadgets, you won’t regret the experience.

6-  Mashable.com

Claimed to provide the best tech-related blogs, Mashable.com is a preference for many around the globe who seek interest in technology.

They cover the latest news, gadgets, and events all related to technology!

Additionally, if you’re not one to read through boring articles, you can enjoy watching their tech related videos. Moreover, they boast views of a whopping twenty million along with massive followers on social media.

  7- TheVerge.com

If you’re about to Google a tech activity or concern, chances are you may land on this TheVerge.com. 

They have interesting product reviews, information and technological updates that you sure don’t want to miss!

Alongside these valuable perks, they upload guides on technology and the way their roles out in society.

   8- DigitalTrends.com

Amassing more than 2 million followers on Twitter, DigitalTrends is your go-to option to stay updated on computer gaming consoles, devices, technology, and guides so that you can enjoy with ease.

If you’re interested, they provide guides on music, cars, photography and much more just for your convenience. 

DigitalTrends has a big name in the market of tech websites!

  9- TechRadar.com

If you’re interested in technology, you must’ve heard about TechRadar several times in your life. 

If not several, then at least a few times, maybe. 

TechRadar is famous for providing all sorts of news, guides, and articles all related to gadgets we use every day.

They also cover tips and tricks that may help you with everyday technological items.

Interested in technology? Visit these websites and share your experience with us!

Author's Bio: 

Syed Mohammad Anwer is digital Content producer and marketing specialist currently deployed on techvizer.com