Perfect, fuller and younger lips are the dream of every women and she wants to keep her lips younger forever throughout her life. Aging is a process that leaves its effects on everybody and can never be stopped we can only slow it down and its effects on our body.

Lips are quite sensitive; they made up of 3-5 layers while at other parts of body it is made up of 15 layers. Naturally, it requires more care at this area. There are various ways to keep the lips looking younger. Some may turn their attention towards exfoliating, cleansers, sun screens, creams, moisturizers and exercises. The natural way of keeping the lips intact and younger may be through the use of exercise as it is the most natural way and will leave no side effects on your lips.

Do you want younger lips? Here are a few lip exercises you can do for fuller and younger lips.

Exercises for Younger lips
There are a lot of exercises that you may employ to keep your lips as fresh as ever; you may select one or more for the purpose.
• You may use yoga facial and lips workouts for the purpose. Yoga has a full system of exercises and you may employ any one of those for your lips. These exercises include various movements of lips this way or that way. You may get help for yoga workouts from internet; web surfing will let you know about various yoga exercises.
• You may put your index finger into your mouth and move it round for 10 times. Repeat the process 5 times. Do the exercises on alternative days.
• Continue Blowing out air from your mouth by holding your lips together for 10 seconds. Repeat the process for 10 times. Take the same exercise on alternative days.
• Without compressing teeth, hold the lips together; insert the index finger between them, press your finger as hard as you can with your lips; continue the process until you feel a burn or irritation and then bring out the finger; strike the finger with a mild force against your lips for at least 20-25 times. Do the exercise while sitting straight. Repeat on alternative days. It will help with plumping up and fattening your lips.
• Daily routine life ways movements make wrinkles at various parts of human body. The skin around lips and eyes is the most sensitive one. We should keep this thing in mind while yawning, laughing, eating and grinning. Sit before mirror and act as eating, smiling, laughing, and grinning. You will notice various wrinkles formed at different angles. Now, as a next step, you may turn your attention especially towards the lip movements. Watch the movement that creates more wrinkles and try to keep this movement as lighter as possible in your future laughing, crying, yawning and grinning and so on.
• Fill your mouth with air as much as possible while holding the lips together. Keep the things together and don’t let it blow for at least 30 seconds. Repeat the exercise 5 times. Repeat it on alternative days.
• Facial exercises may be done for the lip lines. Wash your lips with water mixed with lemon drops; apply some moisturizer at the dry lips.
• Clasp your lips together, fill some air in one side of the mouth, keep it there for 10 seconds, and shift the air towards the other side and hold it there again for 10 seconds. Repeat it for, at least, for 5 times.

The above mentioned workouts are for pulpy, sexier and younger lips and you may use one or all of them for better results. They will not only benefit your lips, but will also make your cheeks and eyes look better.

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