Shopping trends have changed a lot. People nowadays prefer to shop online for their comfort. Companies are enticing customers by providing online stores to attract customers. Many eCommerce websites are available today and they get competitive more and more. Competition among online stores is on the rise. There are many important components in eCommerce website development to make the website successful and attractive at the same time. For attracting more customers online you should have great products, you need to be sociable for customers to find you and presenting in a way to make your store such that people would like to shop.

Customers like to have a clean, organized, easy-to-browse space next door. This simply applies to the virtual world. The online store's main purpose is to make people experience effortless by offering what they are looking for and making sure it’s easy to do business with you. Don’t make the experience difficult for the customers as they will get discouraged and quickly move on. After all, other stores are just a click away. To do the same here are some suggestions for online stores:

1. The site should be attractive and function properly
Mobile Optimization- the world is getting smarter by using smartphones. The research, browse and buy items; mobile functioning should be in a way that it should quickly load on a mobile site. So, mobile optimization plays a very vital role. For a successful eCommerce business, one should create a picture-perfect user experience all through every platform.
The main purpose of websites is the functioning of an eCommerce site and to have an attractive website. Online sites should be designed in such a way that it is user-friendly; it should easily be viewed by the customer’s particular platform, browser, and device.

2. Trustworthy Ecommerce Site
Don’t forget to have an SSL certificate and also serve your pages through https,” says Marc Nashaat, digital PR manager, powered by search. There is no ranking for Google as ranking is for the transaction-oriented sites; those who are not able to make safe transactions for all the financial transactions and secure information of the customers. So, your website should create an image of being trustworthy.

3. Navigating Ecommerce Site
Online sites should be easily navigated, as customers always prefer to have quick research with fewer amounts of clicks. So, always make sure that all the online businesses can provide the products that are easily available, with an understandable map of navigation stating the product categories and slowed by subcategories as well.

A properly well-built search structure plays a very significant role. When designing is done for your site, things should be properly noticeable; making it possible for the visitor to quickly find their respective requirements. According to the research, 50-80% of users easily make a shift to the competitor’s site; as their needs and requirements are not contented.

4. Proper utilization of photos and product description
Keeping up the same photos and product description is the biggest mistake done by all the working online websites; which means they are used by one store and with the same other stores for many years. To differentiate from the other, one should give extra thoughts; such as coming up with new product videos, updating information, customizing photos and providing the exact amount of description in such a way that a visitor gets a clear picture of the product and gets insisted to make a purchase.

5. Featuring customer reviews
Before making any purchase customers lookout to the reviews of the customer’s reviews or the product detail provided by the product that is already purchased by the customer. An online site is the only way through which the customer gets a genuine review of a particular product they are looking for. Product review helps to make decisions or make a change in the mindset. To make the decision of the product trouble-free, customers provide valid reviews and feedback.

6. Customer Service
All online websites work with the same motive that is “Customer Service”. Customers always look around for the service in every way possible. When an online site is available on the web; this means you are turning around to be a global business.

We categories customer service into two forms:

Presale Service
Post-sale Service

The main aim is to set-up and meets customer's expectations and demands. Customer’s needs and inquiries should be managed, recovered and answered 24/7.

7. Fast Checkouts
Faster checkouts are a smarter way to make things easy for customers; more steps it takes for the customer to pay, greater is the chance to drop. Ecommerce sites should provide speedy payments, from one-page checkout to frequent purchases and saving the card details successfully. Shoppers normally don’t like register accounts, but some websites make it compulsory to do so as it helps customers for later stages; such as to recover passwords, items added to cart doesn’t get abandoned, etc. Online businesses should also provide a guest checkout option as it helps the user to complete their work hastily and on an urgent basis.

8. Social Ecommerce team
Your online business site needs to be promoted and also let others promote through different forms of social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. The media platform should be such that it connects with the customers in the best possible way. Repeatedly, content should be posted and supported for connecting with customers and followers. This platform helps to advertise, connect with influencers on every platform for gaining more potential buyers.

You almost certainly don’t have the bandwidth to get into acquisitions, retention, and profitability all at one time. It all depends on the development of the eCommerce business. With low-cost customer acquisition strategies, state them in your post as it might give you the leading impact. When the number of visitors and sales tends to start getting bigger, then it’s the right time to work on customer retention.
Understand the brand needs to be different from your competitor. Brand’s value is to be properly aligned along with customers for their values, purpose and to support their ethical operations. At the time of scaling, that’s the time to dig into cost and revenue; to find out how to optimize each element of that equation.

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William Hills is a technical writer at JanBask. He loves writing and sharing topics on website designing services, Java application development, ecommerce web development and latest trends going around in web world.