8 Difference Between Java And Python Programming Language. Python used in tasks as machine learning, website building, application development, data analysis and natural language processing.

Python programming language is used by industries for developing web applications, analyses data, automate operations, etc.

The difference between Python and Java are:
1.Code: Python is highly productive and code readability as compared to Java. Java code is derived from C and C++ whereas Python code is derived from SQL, Java, C and C++. Python is straightforward as use of code whereas Java is complex as use of code.

2.Performance: Java is faster in performance as compared to Python. Java is compiler based language whereas Python is interpreted language. As Python is more significant in production as compared to Java.

3.Practical Agility: Java is the rigid that makes an option for embracing web and mobile applications. Whereas Python is the agile domain language. Python is favourable for developing applications like IOT, machine learning, etc.

4.Legacy: Java has larger legacy systems that slightly verbose coding systems whereas Python has less legacy systems problems that difficult to script the codes. Java is more numerous than Python.

5.Development Options: The Python and Java both has ample development options and opportunities. Java is basically developing and building embedded systems, mobile applications, etc. Whereas Python is basically developing games, machine learning apps, etc.

6.Jobs and Salary: The Python and Java both has high number of job opportunities. The both language are popular and decent to start working as a career. The both languages have the ability to offers a profitable future.

7.Trends: Python has dynamically typed language whereas Java is statistical language. Java is virtual by measures. Python growth is developed astronomical. Java needs for variable whereas Python is no need for variables.

8.Web Development: Python is basically used framework like Django for web development as it deals with various data operations whereas Java is used framework as Spring for web development as it can build powerful web applications.

Java and Python are both most popular programming languages. Java and Python both has high scope of learning. The both programming languages are widely used languages. Java or Python you can learn according to your interests and skills.

If you are interested in programming language, then learn Python. If you are interested in Computer Science or Engineering as well as programming, then learn Java. Both languages are equally good for development. Python and Java are both useful tool for developers and data scientists.

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