Skin is an indicator of overall health and it can reveal many secrets of your life. Acne is a common skin condition faced by a lot of people. This type of skin condition is not dangerous but it can cause you depression because nobody wants to see any kind of scar on their face. Everyone wants to have a clear and beautiful skin. There are several reasons that cause you acne problem. Some of them are listed below

Going To Bed Without Washing Your Face:

If you are tired that doesn't mean that you have the right to neglect your skin. If you don’t make a habit of washing your face before you go to sleep, it will build up dirt and oil which will result in acne or any bacterial infections.

Sharing Your Makeup Brushes:

Girls who never wash their makeup brushes collects a lot of dirt and bacteria. Many women have a habit of sharing their makeup brushes with their friends. Stop sharing it with others because this sharing is a great reason behind your acne and will cause you a severe skin infection.

Not Getting Enough Sleep:

Sleep is very important for many reasons. Skin repair itself while you are sleeping. If you don’t get enough sleep, acne will appear on face. Don’t forget that you need a quality 8 hours sleep a night.

Excess Use Of Cell Phone:

Cell phone collects a lot of bacteria and dirt during the day. Excess use of cell phone is the major reason for acne on your chin and around the mouth.

Touching Your Face:

If you have a habit of touching your face again and again, then remember, your face will become the dirtiest part of the body because bacteria from your hands will be transferred on your face which will result in acne.


Some people get upset about little things in their life. Remember, this stress will help your acne to last longer. When you are tensed about something, your skin produces stress hormones.To avoid stress, eliminate negative people from your life, take a break from your busy schedule and do something fun.

Wrong Eating Habits:

A lot of people these days consume junk food, which ruins your overall health. Daily consumption of dairy products makes you acne worse. Don’t skip your meals and pick healthy snacks. Consume Vitamin A, E and C because these all vitamins will give you a fresh and clear skin.
Low Water Intake:

Water keeps your skin plump and smooth. If you don’t drink 8 glasses or more, your body will not get the right amount of hydration that it requires. Dehydration can lead to chronic or acute acne.

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