A roof is your business’ first line of defense from harsh weather elements. Luckily, you can make it last longer with proper care and maintenance. Regardless, damage is likely to happen resulting from various things. Knowing the common likely causes of commercial roof damage with appropriate solutions is a great idea. Here are a few pointers.

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Damaged flashing

The roof metal flashing covers joints and seams keeping water and debris out of the underlayment. However, the flashing is prone to damage or improper installation. This encourages moisture to collect in the materials. With time, leaks are likely to develop inside your building promoting considerable damage to the structure. The solution is to call a professional roofer to fix the leaks before damaging your structure.

Pooling water

Commercial buildings usually have a flat roof system. This is durable and easy to maintain but prone to water pooling. This usually happens in spring and winter. Collection of water without running off the structure speeds up deterioration. With time, you’ll have to call a commercial roof to fix the repairs. A solution is to add roof drains or opt for tapered roof insulation. Additionally, regularly check the flashing for leaks to fix them ASAP.

Poor maintenance

Commercial roods need regular maintenance to extend their lifespan. Periodic inspection by one of the best roofing companies in Los Angeles is highly recommended. The roofer will discover damage early and do the appropriate repairs or replacements to give your room some more years. Poor commercial maintenance promotes premature and expensive repairs and replacements. You need a proactive roof maintenance program to lower repair and replacement costs.


Intense winds cause considerable damage to commercial roofs. This usually happens during extreme gusts and windstorms might cause free materials to become from the surface. A strong wind might blow off roof underlayment completely. This might leave that part of the roof exposes to harsh weather elements. The solution is scheduling regular inspection and repairs by an experienced roofer. This understands the appropriate specifications and building code for new roof installation.

Low-hanging tree branches

Do trees surround your commercial property? It’s a good idea but you have to be mindful of low hanging branches near your roof. During strong winds, the tree branches might begin scraping along your roof surface. This damages the roofing materials, siding, and seal for the outer materials and underneath the waterproof membrane. The solution is to have allow-hanging branches trimmed to lessen chances of damaging your commercial roof.

Poor ventilation

Commercial roofing systems need appropriate ventilation to keep the property protected. Poor ventilation in the attic encourages heat buildup that encourages compromising structural integrity. It encourages weakening of glue and sealant leading to air bubbles and blisters. Additionally, poor ventilation might put undue stress on your attic’s framework. Professional ventilation can keep your attic in good shape.


Commercial properties with older roofs need frequent repairs. Various sections of an aged commercial roof are prone to breakdown with time. The solution is to schedule a routine inspection to check for issues before they escalate. During the roof inspection, the roofer examines the integrity of your roof materials. The roof will recommend possible repairs or replacements. If you’re always making calls to the roofer to come and fix your roof, it’s viable to replace your roof entirely.

Poor roof installation

It’s essential to consider professional roof installation to lessen chances of problems during your roof’s lifespan. Going for the cheapest roofer encourages more problems down the road. However, professional and experienced roofers make a checklist matching your roof system. Additionally, professional roofers carry out roof inspection with appropriate equipment like drones. This allows acquisition of specific details regarding structural adjustments required on your roof surface.

Some tips to choose a commercial roofing company

Experience of the company
Testimonials and reviews
Check company customer service
Quality and brand of materials used
Membership to reputable professional bodies
List of star-studded customers in the company portfolio

Bottom line

Business owners must appreciate the benefits of a great roof. A strong roof keeps the business assets and staff protected from harsh weather elements and unauthorized entry. Commercial roofs are prone to issues like water poling, blow-offs, and damage from low-hanging tree branches. Help from a professional roofer will increase the lifespan of your roof.

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