One of my favorite authors and speaker of all time is Charles Swindoll. I think that his written work inspired me in many ways because of the simple way he uses the best qualities in human beings to make his stories come to life. He also reminds me of my uncle who was an integral part of the forming of my best characteristics. My uncle often uses simple illustrations to make complicated issues less intense and he always had a way of making things easier to understand. To have this influence on others is powerful and to have someone like that on your side is a tremendous asset. My uncle embodies certain characteristics that makes him a man among men and a smart business man as well.

I have often used my mentors as a measuring stick for the type of people I want not only in my life but in my businesses as well. Its one thing to stumble upon these types of people but it’s another thing to be intentional about seeking them out. This is Charles R. Swindoll’s list of people who make a difference in life. These are also the characteristics of the types of people you want to intentionally surround yourself with in your business as well.

People who make a difference in life have . . .

Initiative – being a self-starter with contagious energy
Vision – seeing beyond the obvious, claiming new objectives
Unselfishness – releasing the controls and the glory
Teamwork – involving, encouraging, and supporting others
Faithfulness – hanging in there in season and out
Enthusiasm – providing affirmation, excitement to the task
Discipline – modeling great character regardless of the odds
Confidence – representing security, faith, and determination

Now if you are reading this and thinking that it sounds a lot like yourself, then there are people seeking you out right now and you have a definite map to finding the key people to put into place in order to grow your own network of people or to add to your business. The key is to be intentional about finding these types of people; plugging them into the places in your life they are needed and of course reciprocating. Making it a priority to only choose to extend your invitation to those that will enhance your life or business is a very smart decision and at the same time having the wisdom to let go of those people in your life that no longer want to grow with you is going to free up space for these new intentional relationships. This is not saying when you are done being friends with someone just drop them, the point is to have growth and if there is no growth it’s time to let go.

Author's Bio: 

Michelle Gutierrez is both a virtual assistant for solopreneurs and a career consultant for teachers. A married mother of 2 and a former educator, Michelle left the classroom to peruse a small business when her children were born. Michelle has had a few small businesses and knows the importance of getting help, and she offers her advice for free and focused help or assistance affordably! She is the founder of the Teacher’s Next Step, and Mom Entrepreneurs SA as well as the owner of Ms. Hoverfly Virtual Small Biz VA. Michelle is a speaker, author, certified teacher and administrative assistant. She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her family and speaks to other educators and solopreneurs across the state.