Chronic neck pain can be debilitating. It interferes with normal activity and decreases the quality of your life. For many people suffering from chronic neck pain, treatment options like medications, ice, or heating compresses often fail to provide enough pain relief. But it is crucial to find a way to relieve pain and improve your condition to live a fuller life.

Below are 8 effective recommendations for managing neck pain that may want to try.

1. Water pillow
Chronic neck pain often interferes with night’s sleep and can aggravate in the morning. There is no ideal way to prevent neck pain, but a water pillow can relieve discomfort significantly. By increasing or reducing the volume of water inside the pillow, you can adjust its firmness and make it more comfortable. If traditional
neck pillows are uncomfortable for you, it may be worth trying a water pillow.

2. Acupuncture
Acupuncture is one of the treatment methods that can help you with neck and shoulder pain. Acupuncture works by focusing on the body’s energy. The partitioners believe energy blocks in a certain area of your body can cause various health conditions. By inserting special needles in the affected area, the therapy promotes a healthy energy flow through your body. This helps stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

3. Physical therapy
Physical therapy is an effective way to relieve and treat most spine disorders. A physical therapist can help you identify poor posture habits, teach you how to maintain good posture, and strengthen the weak area of your spine. Special exercises can strengthen your neck, improve the support of the spine, and reduce neck pain. You need to
visit a spine center to see if physical therapy can be helpful for your chronic neck pain.

4. Massage
Massage therapy can help you relax back muscles and relieve neck pain. There are various types of massage therapies that can help deal with different causes of neck pain. Consult your general doctor if you aren’t sure which type of massage therapy will work for your unique situation.

5. Swimming
Swimming is one of the best activities for people suffering from back and neck pain. Being in the water reduces pressure in the back and neck. This can help you lessen pain and provide long-term relief. Before you start exercising in the swimming pool, discuss it with your doctor. For some people, swimming can have an adverse effect and increase pressure on the neck. In this case, your therapist can help you choose special gentle exercises that can be done in a swimming pool.

6. Neck-supporting chair
Many people have sedentary jobs. When you hunch forward, this puts excess pressure on your back and neck. Maintaining a good posture is crucial to prevent neck pain and spine disorders. A special neck-supporting chair can help you reduce pressure on the neck and back. To keep your spine in a balanced position, try to keep your ears above your shoulders when sitting. Another good option to prevent neck pain is a standing work desk which leads to a more neutral spine position.

7. Cognitive behavioral therapy
Chronic neck pain is a debilitating condition that can be extremely frustrating. When treatments don’t work properly, it can take a toll on a person’s mental well being. Cognitive behavioral therapy can help you teach new strategies to focus on positive things and do your best for neck pain treatment.
8. Meditation
Meditation is a good way to relax your mind and body. Breathing exercises or guided imagery can help relieve stress and relax tight neck muscles. This is an easy way to relieve neck pain. Unlike exercises, you can meditate anywhere, even at work. Find a quiet and comfortable place and try to relax your muscles. You can find many free videos with meditation techniques on the Internet.

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