There is nothing new in the statement that San Diego has the most beautiful beaches and the perfect weather. It is home to a lot of friendly folks of the whole nation. There is yet a lot more about this city that you yet do not even know.

Here are some fun historical facts about this city that would make you want to visit it even more.

First Civilian Settlement:

This civilization has now taken the form of a state park now, but you can still see some historic homes of Spanish, Mexican and American civilizations. It is an old town just like Presidio, which was the first settlements in the whole city.


As San Diego is very famous for its beaches, hence fishing is enjoyed by all the people living here. Where there are some times in the other states or cities when you can go fishing, there are absolutely no such limits. This sport is enjoyed by all the residents throughout the year and a lot of people like living close to the coast to have fun from this one activity.

There are a lot of other aquatic sports that people here can enjoy no matter what time or what season it is.

The ideal place to live

As San Diego has one of the best aviation departments of not only the country but the whole world, it also features a lot of other things, which make it an ideal place to live or spend holidays.

After World War 2, it has started taking care of other aspects such as agriculture, housing, trade, and tourism better, which makes it the most amazing place to live. It has also come forward in the research and a lot of other aspects to make it the ideal place to spend time. Also, You can stay in the Worlds best hotels in San Diego.


San Diego supports the outdoor lifestyle as compared to the other cities. This place has always been very creative, and a lot of creative people can be tracked down to San Diego. It still focuses mainly on making people more creative and artistic. It also encourages every kind of art and every kind of talent, which can be presented to others.

A lot of music festivals, stage dramas, etc. also take place very frequently, and people also participate in this on a very high rate. A lot of people do come to the city to show their talent too.

Education Centres

There are a large number of schools and colleges in San Diego. They are public and Private sectors including the government sectors too. These sectors are not only made to educate the kids, but they are open for the adults too.

As a lot of adults did not have enough time in their youth or did not want to study, back then can still join a college and complete their studies. The city supports education for adults a lot and keeps working on new sectors, which would provide this help to the people of older age.

Public Library

Libraries are the most important part of any place. The public library of San Diego only consists of one single historic building. There are also other book branches, which contain books, but the main building is just one old building, which has almost all the books that you would like to read.

Theatre Art

While theatre art is almost ending due to the cinemas taking over, this city still supports that art and promotes it as much as it can. There are still a lot of people working in different groups on different projects to promote theatre life.

Not only some dramas and plays, but also it is also promoting the orchestra and opera like the old days. With new ideas coming up in everyone’s mind and new technology released every day, these theatres are working hard to preserve the old art and still present it to the people who value it.

Different art exhibitions and musicals festivals are held all year long to promote the talent and art of people living here.


In the mid-1900s, just 17,700 people were residing in the whole of San Diego. The population increased day by day and a lot of people started moving to the place. In the mid-1970s, San Diego took over the position of San Francisco as the second largest city of California according to population. It is still increasing day by day.

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Max Leed, Project Director at The Custom Boxes