If you are feeling physically and mentally drained, or simply lacking energy for a large part in your day, the problem needs resolving. These constant feelings of tiredness and lethargy become more prominent in mid-life and our energy levels can be boosted in order to sustain alertness and improve concentration.

The following tips will assist you to boost energy and banish tiredness.

1. Eat a balanced diet – A nutritional breakfast is a must to sustain energy levels throughout the morning, followed with a high protein lunch containing only a small amount of good quality carbohydrates. High carbs such as white bread or pasta produce sleep inducing hormones which will result in lethargy and bloating in the afternoons.

2. Fresh air – As stale air encourages stagnation, work and sleep in a room where you can open the window. If this is not possible, take short breaks throughout the day and walk outside. Take deep breaths of fresh air to rejuvenate the system.

3. Turn down the heat – Your brain slows down when it gets too warm and in turn promotes tiredness

4. Replace sugary snacks with lean protein – Sugary drinks or snacks will only provide short term energy boosts, but within an hour you will feel even more tired. Try yoghurt, nuts, seeds and fresh fruit instead.

5. Exercise – To feel instantly revived, march on the spot, run up and down stairs, skip or dance for a minute or two. Your circulation will increase oxygen to the brain.

6. Drink two litres of fluid each day – Water is best. Both mental and physical performance is affected when the brain is only 3% dehydrated.

7. Take a short break – Research has shown that many people who take a 5 minute nap or shut eye during the early afternoon, perform better for the rest of the day than those who don’t.

8. Supplements – A variety of supplements claim to boost energy levels. Co-enzyme Q10 is good for improving stamina. Acetyl-l-carnitine and alpha lipoic acid taken together may result in increased energy by boosting mitochondria. Some people find taking iron supplements also beneficial.

Author's Bio: 

Danette Hibberd
Wellness Coach
Total wellness for women 40 yrs plus encompassing all anti-ageing aspects in beauty, nutrition, emotional and physical areas through inspiration, motivation and education.