It seems almost everyone would like to improve their self confidence. Women have so much to juggle it is all too easy to see why self esteem and self confidence can plummet - it is just not possible to do everything.
Here are 7 small things that every woman can do regularly to improve confidence and get more out of life.
It is essential you put the tips into action; just reading them will get you nowhere!
1. Act as if. When you are nervous about something, feeling insecure, or unsure what to do in a certain situation think of a very confident person, either someone you know, a famous person you admire, or just your ideal of a confident woman. Imagine what they would do in your situation and then just act as they would. At first this may feel weird but as you get used to pretending to be confident, it will become second nature until you are no longer acting. You are actually confident!
2. Find a mentor. This may be a friend or family member, a life coach, or just someone you admire. Observe their body language, actions, speech patterns and daily routines. Take guidance from their confident outlook to improve your own confidence.
3. Ask for help! Women have a lot on their plates; work, family, friends. We are expected to bring up the kids (a full time job in itself), cook, keep a nice home, bring in a salary, look good and a million and one other things. We cannot do it all and do need help. Do not be afraid to ask for this. Ask your partner to clean the bathroom, your boss to give excess work to someone else, your friend to pick up the kids or hire a cleaner. To really improve confidence you must feel you are worthy of help. And you certainly are!
4. Exercise. This often falls to the bottom of our priority list due to time constraints, but I cannot emphasise enough how beneficial it is. Exercise releases feel good hormones, giving us an instant boost; it makes us feel more confident about the way we look and gives us more energy. You don’t need to pump iron in the gym; go for a brisk walk, dance around your room, or buy a skipping rope to use in your garden. 30 minutes 3 times a week will make a huge difference to your confidence and energy levels.
5. Keep well groomed. We are not all supermodels (and who wants to be anyway?!) but we all have good features which we can accentuate. Do your hair, wear a little make up and dress well. This makes a huge difference to how you feel about yourself which will be reflected in your attitude, feelings and confidence levels.
6. Challenge internal negative thoughts. We often have a nagging internal dialogue running of negative thoughts...’I can’t do it, ‘‘it is going to be a disaster’, ‘no one cares about me’ .....How many do you have? When you hear these negative thoughts, identify them and challenge them. I’m so fat, becomes, well I may be a little overweight but I’m eating healthily and exercising so becoming slimmer and fitter every day. I’ll never get it all done becomes, well there is a lot to do, I’ll do the most important first and ask someone to help with the rest. If it doesn’t all get done, tough!
7. Stand tall. Body language has a big impact on both how we feel and how others perceive us. Stand up straight, walk confidently, make eye contact with others, smile and speak slowly and clearly.

These are just a few small tips which will help to improve confidence instantly and permanently. But you need to take action. So get up and do some jumping jacks, put your lippy on and get ready to feel great. Download the workbook now from and work through some exercises which will see your confidence sky rocket!

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