Creating your first ebook may seem like a difficult task at first. Although it may look like a difficult job, it is actually quite easy. You need to learn some basic techniques before you start the job. And as a result, the job will become much simpler for you.

It is important to learn the basics for any job. So, first of all, study the basics. And don’t try to rush through it and complete your first ebook in one day. Take as much time as you need to ensure you do a thorough job.

When you look at your ebook, it may seem like a massive undertaking. It is much easier if you break it down into smaller manageable tasks. First of all, make a list of all the points you are going to cover in your ebook. Be very thorough and leave nothing out. This job may take some time but it is very worthwhile in the end.

Your next job is to make an outline. Include all of the important points along with the sub-points within each section. This is important! It will help you organize your first ebook into a logical order and make it easy to write.

Then you need to do research. It is a tedious job, but it is always better to do all your research at one time. You should take plenty of notes. Never copy someone else’s work word for word. This can lead to serious legal problems; re-phrase everything into your own words.

Now, using your outline, create a table of content to ensure that everything is presented in a logical order. This job takes very little time, but is very important.

Then start the main job of writing. Here you should start writing individual chapters. I like to start with chapter one and work forward, but many people do better by jumping around and completing the chapters in no special order. Use whichever technique works best for you. A good grammar and spelling checker should be used on all the written chapters to eliminate mistakes. If the outline was made properly, this job is very easy.

Finally you should carefully and slowly proof read what you have written. Sometimes you may have written a word that exists in the dictionary, but you may not have intended to write it. Only through a careful review will you find that you wrote the word ‘kit’ instead of ‘kite’.

Then assemble all of your individual chapters together into a single file. And there you have it; you have created your first ebook.

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