In one way or another we have all experienced some form of loss in our lives.

It could be the passing away of a person or pet, losing a job and/or material possessions, a relationship or friendship ending, the loss of a body part, hair, eye sight or hearing etc,.

No matter what type of loss we are experiencing it can be an opportunity for us to gain tremendous insights into the wonders of life.

Initially it might seem as if you are on a rollercoaster of emotions. There might be the feeling of denial or shock of what is happening. A sense of guilt or shame may occur over things you did or didn’t do; maybe you are angry at yourself or another person or perhaps a tremendous sense of pain, sadness or sinking into a depression. Sometimes confusion sets in, or difficulty understanding “why” this has happened, or bargaining/making a deal, as to avoid it all together.

You may even find yourself in complete acceptance of the loss but don’t quite know what to do next; or what it all means.

Loss is only as debilitating as we allow it to be, but when we open our minds and hearts we gain freedom from the thoughts that keep us stuck, stressed and suffering.

7 Steps for Coping with Loss:

1. Remember. Loss isn’t about endings, although at the time it may seem that way, it’s about remembering the invitation for new beginnings.

The possibilities for new ways of thinking, doing, and seeing things are available. They are right there waiting patiently for you to unwrap like a beautiful gift.

2. Go Outside. There’s something about being outside that reminds us of the magical and mystical ways of life; it is grounding, comforting, rejuvenating, liberating, and renewing.

Make time to connect with the great outdoors. Maybe it’s going for a walk, or sitting by the water or tree, soaking up the warmth of the sunshine, cycling on a trail, swimming in the ocean, or looking up into the beautiful sky, etc., whatever feels right for you make as much time as possible to connect with it.

3. There’s no rush. Take time to be with you and the emotions that may arise. So many wonderful epiphanies and aha moments can be overlooked when you rush through.

Allow yourself to go through the motions of your emotions. Don’t charge through them; honour them, be with them and befriend them. There is so much you can discover that will enhance your growth and expansion.

4. Breathe and Meditate. Often our emotions can seem to take over during a time of loss and we can forget to draw in some deep connecting and healing breaths that allows us to quiet our thoughts and hear the messages that are awaiting us.

Instead of feeling like you are being engulfed or taken over by emotion, they seem to melt away to peace once again.

5. Have faith. This can be challenging because the feelings of loss can be so great that instead of strengthening your faith, you begin to lose it.

Since faith is not something you can see, you have to rely on your instincts, gut feelings, intuition, or stillness. Faith lives in your heart, not in your mind; this can be difficult to rely on especially during tough times.

This is where you let go and let the Universe lead the way. When you do you open the door for miracles, opportunities, potential, promise and possibilities to enter.

6. Trust. Through the rollercoaster of emotions you might experience some good days and some bad days; some moments will be happy and some sad; there could be doubts and sureties and there might be anger and peace, but you can trust that through the tunnels of darkness the light shines again.

You can begin to trust yourself and/or others. You honour your emotions. You develop understanding. You begin to believe that there is a universal grace operating in your life and that you are connected to it at all times.

You become aware that new possibilities are unfolding from what seemed like a never ending emotional ride.

7. Change. Sometimes it can be hard to believe that something good can come out of what seems bad or even devastating.

Within every crisis lies the possibility for changes, transformation, growth, expansion, new outlooks, new opportunities, and renewed spirit.

Remember, there isn’t a right or wrong way of dealing with loss, or a time table of how long you may ride the emotional rollercoaster, but rest assure when you open your heart you are making room for great adventures and awareness in life.

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The Insight Technique™ assists you through loss to the possibilities of peace.

Author's Bio: 

Kimberley Cohen is the Founder, Facilitator and Personal Insight Coach of The Insight Technique™. She is certified in Body Mind Counselling, Process Oriented Body Work and Spiritual Psychotherapy. She founded the Insight Technique™ - Your Insight to genuine Happiness, Purpose and Prosperity to assist herself and others in uncovering and discovering their brilliance. To question and understand your thinking so you can transform what blocks and limits you from living the life you desire and deserve. Or "living your dreams".