Its that time again. A new year has begun filled with new possibilities if we set our intentions and work towards making it happen. Here are some simple tips to help you turn your resolutions into reality and have your best year ever!

1) Put them on paper - Yes! Every goal-setting or resolutions article will echo this, but its true. You can't get away from this. You need to write your goals down. Just the same way you schedule vacations, trips or other fun things. Write it down and schedule it (oops, that's step #2)

2) Schedule it! - If your goal is to take a trip to Europe, start an online business, get out of debt, whatever. Schedule it. Commit to a date that you would like to achieve your goal and then work towards it. When you have a deadline, you are more conscious of working towards making it.

3) Quarterback it! - I love this term even though I'm not into football. Got it from a movie. But basically it means to plan it out. You can't just wait for ideas to fall into your lap or expect things to fall into place to achieve your goal. You need to have a basic blueprint for 'how' you can achieve your goal. Spend some time with this. Schedule this time too if you have to. But remember success is not an accident, you do need to have a plan for success.

4) Set Reminders - In order to stay focused on your goal, set reminders for yourself. So you can use index cards to write a main goal and the deadline date and carry it with you in your purse or wallet. Then look at it several times per day. Or you can commit to looking at your calendar, diary or datebook every Sunday to plan your week. Then reaffirm your goal by writing it down at the beginning of the week. And schedule things in the week that you will work on as baby steps to achieving your main goal.

5) Change your routine - If your goal is to make twice the amount of money this year as opposed to the year before, then you will need to change. Nothing changes if nothing changes. You will have to become a whole new person to make a whole new income. If you find yourself falling into the same routine, then you're obviously not in line with achieving your goal. It does not have to be major. It could be waking up one hour earlier than usual to fit in the new exercise routine that will help you to lose weight. Or it could mean getting up early to work on a new income stream to allow you to increase your income. Bottom line, make some changes.

6) Be accountable - You will need some outside support for this one. You need to be accountable to someone - friend, colleague, partner or mastermind group or life coach. We tend to have no problem with letting ourselves down. But if we have someone who checks up on us to see how we are going with our goals or plans, its easier to stay accountable. Set up a schedule like a weekly or Monthly meeting for this.

7) Daydream - [check that] Visualize! Visualize yourself achieving your goal. Imagine what your life would look like with your goals achieved, imagine how you would feel. Try to get into it emotionally. Let yourself come alive with excitement, fulfillment, relief. Do this often. It will help to keep you focused and get your creativity juices flowing and attract into your life more opportunities for achieving your goal.

Believing in us - let's make it happen.

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