As a businessman you want to get more than you’re money is worth. You should always be on the look out for cutting the best deals and making the most profits. With offset printing, you can have your marketing materials at very low cost that gives you the best profit margin and return on your investment.

Small businesses that plan on being more aggressive with their advertising should learn to work with an offset printer. Whether you have your brochures printed or your business cards, printing in bulk always gives you the best possible savings. It’s far easier to risk a few hundred dollars than to miss out on opportunity costs that would have made you a few thousand dollars.

1. Offset printers are heavy duty and are built for bulk printing. The ink system is designed to impress thin layers of ink on to the paper surface giving a better run for the same amount of ink. In addition, these rollers run at very high velocity outputting a few thousand pieces at an hours time.

2. Four color printing produces high quality output with a wide range of color gamut. These four colors CMYK are combined to produce realistic photographic quality images. And because it uses the standard four colors, the inks can be ordered in bulk and can be used for other printing processes making the cost of printing cheaper for you.

3. It is easier to work with standard prints. Because they are so uncomplicated, you can always just choose from a standard menu online printing companies offer. You can simply upload your design after you have paid for the services you ordered. After printing, they can deliver your prints right to your doorstep saving you time and money.

4. There are numerous design templates you can choose from given the generic size specifications. Many online printers provide free design services and templates for offset products, making design hassle free. If you want to work with your own design, you can also download the guidelines template that advises you on bleeds and allowances.

5. Although printing offset may feel like having a lot of limitations put on because of specifications, this can work to your advantage. Four color printing is the most cost-effective way to print your colored pieces and will give you a wide gamut of colors. It has photographic quality prints that will enable you to print almost any image you want on paper.

6. Standard sized paper on the other hand only helps you to minimize wastage. Printers purchase their paper from paper manufacturers in bulk with standard sizes. When you choose a custom paper size, the printer simply charges you for a bigger size and trims excess paper, giving you a lot of wastage.

7. In addition, these offset printing sizes can help you a lot in your distribution. The standard sized postcard for instance is designed in that manner to fit the USPS specification. Most display spaces are set to offset poster specifications. Greeting cards have standard envelope sizes and business cards have standard sizes for their holders as well.

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