If you have spent any time online with social networking or reading the newest buzz, you have no doubt heard about facebook. You might even already have a Facebook account. However, it may not be obvious to you, how you can go about growing your network marketing business using this popular social network. I was confused too at first, however, after some practice and much research, I have figured out how to use Facebook and I am seeing awesome results and would love to help you learn to grow your network marketing business with Facebook too.

1. Set up a full and complete profile. This includes using a recent picture of you, adding in at least one of your websites as well as complete information about your hobbies, interests and business. Make minor changes such as changing your picture, adding videos and photos from time to time.

2. Spend at least five minutes keeping your Facebook account up to date. If you have the time it is a good idea to spend 20-30 minutes two or three times a week. However, Facebook can also become a time waster so you must be careful to avoid spending too much time there. Make sure to update your status with something positive that is going on, check out the statuses of your friends and comment on a few of their photos, videos or statuses, as well as to accept any new friend requests you receive.

3. Join 10-15 groups and actively participate. Post on their walls, add useful links if allowed and videos. Request to be friends with a few members of each group as well.

4. Start your own group. Include a relevant photo, some links, videos, wall posts and other interesting content. Keep your group up to date by adding something new at least once a week. Invite your friends to join your group. Consider hosting at least a monthly teleseminar or other event related to the theme of your group.

5. Avoid spam like the plague. Do not post your network marketing opportunity directly on groups, on walls or in emails to friends. Focus on building relationships and your success on Facebook will come. Whenever you obtain a new friend, take a few minutes to write an interesting and friendly welcome on their wall. Take the time as well, to see what they do and to visit their website. Keep in mind how you can network with the person or see if you can help them out in any way and let them know about it.

6. Add new useful content on a regular basis. This includes videos, blog posts on notes and other content others may find interesting and useful. You can also use the Facebook pages feature to create pages featuring your websites and products.

7. Take advantage of the Facebook chat feature and every once in a while chat with a few of your friends who are live on Facebook at the same time that you are. Be friendly and helpful and develop a relationship.

Follow these tips and you will grow your network marketing business with Facebook. Facebook is an awesome network for developing the kind of relationships that will eventually develop into strong team partners, if you work it correctly and you give it time.

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AnnaLaura Brown is a successful online network marketer who enjoys helping others reach their goals and teaching them how to be successful. Subscribe to her free monthly online network marketing newsletter at internetworkmarketingwealth.com. Learn more about how to use Facebook at squidoo.com/howtofacebook.