If you think MySpace is just for kids, then think again. Authors, entrepreneurs, entertainers, non-profits, and businesses are using MySpace as a place to promote who they are and what they do. Having a professional MySpace presence can build platform, sell your books, attract attention, and generate leads for your business. When used correctly, it can boost your visibility and credibility generating the results you want.

To get you going with this quantum networking tool, here are 7 Expert Tips to jumpstart your success on MySpace.

1. Maintain a Relationship Building Mindset
MySpace is a networking site and successful networkers build relationships before going for the sale. If your intention is to build credibility and visibility, then use MySpace to do just that. Leave the “get rich quick” banner ads for others. Use MySpace to cultivate name recognition and trust; then watch the sales come in.

2. Be Professional
Apply the same principles of good in person networking to MySpace. If you wouldn’t say, do, or share it at a regular networking mixer, then don’t say, do or share it on MySpace! So unless you’re a swimsuit model, leave the scantily clad photos for another place.

3. Suit Up and Show Up
Success on MySpace won’t happen just because you put a page up, the same as successful offline networking won’t work if you never attend the events. You need to utilize the site. Start off with 10 minutes a day and gauge your results.

4. Make it Easy for People to Learn More About You
Use MySpace to post links back to your website, opt-in page, book, blog, or whatever you’re promoting. Cross post your blogs, podcasts, and media releases on your MySpace page for an extra dose of visibility.

5. To Have a Friend, You Have to Be a Friend
Your kindergarten teacher was right- don’t expect the world to flock to you. Get out there and mix with the community. Share comments, kudos, and ideas; find friends and make friends. Generate reciprocity with all that you do.

6. Balance the Personal and the Professional
Relationships are built by genuinely connecting to others. On MySpace you can share things about yourself that people otherwise wouldn’t know such as your musical tastes, favorite books, and heroes. Use these components to reinforce trust and likeability. You’d be amazed how many client relationships began on MySpace simply by discovering two people loved the same song.

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Delegate!
If you have a trusted assistant (or even a MySpace adept teen), then delegate out the tasks of maintaining and growing your MySpace presence. Don’t let “no time to do it” keep you from enjoying the benefits of quantum marketing. Use someone else’s time and enjoy the results.

Building visibility on MySpace is easy. Building credibility requires you to approach it with a relationship building mindset. If you go into it with that attitude, you’ll be amazed at how being authentic will pay off in the end with increased exposure, higher visibility, and yes, maybe even some financial rewards!

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Nancy Marmolejo shows entrepreneurs how to generate more money and attention by positioning themselves as credible, recognized experts. An award winning business owner, Nancy is frequently quoted in the media in the areas of business and creative thinking. Get Nancy's 7 part free audio course by visiting www.VivaVisibility.com.

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