Do you like to help others, contribute to society, make a difference? Then make the decision to be happy today? That’s right. Studies show that people who are happier are healthier, sociable, likeable and productive and what’s more they’re more likely to help others.

So how can I do that you ask when all around me is in chaos?

There’s lots of information out there on how you can influence your mood by sleep and diet and regular exercise but there are ways you can impact your mood immediately.

Use these quick tips and turn your mood around instantly:

1. Put a smile on your dial even if you don’t feel like it. You’ve probably heard the saying ‘Fake til you make it’. Turns out it’s backed by research. Research has proven that whether you feel happy or not a smile has a positive effect on the way you feel. Plus, with a smile on your face others see you as friendlier and more approachable so you’ll have more friends, and

2. Socializing boosts moods! It’s true. Whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert one of the secrets to happiness is having warm, close connections with others. So make some time to stay in touch, make a call, send a text or an email or have a coffee with a friend.

3. Stand up and take a brisk walk whether it’s on the spot, around your desk or out in the fresh air, a brisk walk will speed up your metabolism and you’ll feel more energetic. It has a ripple effect too, if you’re energetic the people around you will feel more energetic. So the next time your phone rings use that as a trigger to remind you to stand up and move.

4. Music will do it. Play some upbeat music and feel your energy rise. Research has shown that music is one of the most effective means of raising energy and improving moods.

5. Random Acts of kindness. Do something nice for someone for no other reason than just because you can and feel good yourself. Give a compliment, open a door, take someone for coffee, bake a cake and brighten someone’s day. Right or wrong, if you’re feeling a bit flat give yourself a lift and do something nice for someone else.

6. Schedule in some fun. I know you’re busy and you’ve got lots on your plate but have you ever noticed how the busiest people seem to be the ones that are having the most fun. Make a list of things that make you smile for real and schedule some time to do some of them now. And remember they can be inexpensive and quick. Begin it now as you’re sitting there, reading this start making your own list … watch a funny movie, ring a friend who makes you laugh …

7. Love what you’re doing. Whether you like what you’re doing or not decide to have fun anyway. and feel your endorphins rise.

So if you’d like to be have a greater impact on the world around you, then make the decision today to be happy, right here and right now and naturally become more helpful, more productive and be liked by more people. It’s your duty!

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