The rental car company provides different types of booking facilities online, over the phone, fax etc.

If you are planning to move than you must have to book your rental car in advance because some time in the weekend or vacation period the demand for the rental car is higher so it is necessary to book your car in advance.

1. In the present day the rental car company provides online reservation services. The online booking will be design in Java script so no one encrypts the database easily. The customer services department is also takes care of security issue in mind, because data security is most important because of credit card information of renters are stored online as well in the rental car company’s server.

2. First you must have to read the rules of the rental car company about their operations. Most of the company give refund only if you can cancel your booking before 48 hours. if you are fail to do cancelation of your car, the rental company do not give refund as well as laid heavy penalties on you. It is advisible if you are able to cancel your car before the time limit. You must get refund once you are not break the rules of the company.

3. Once you book the car with the car rental company, you do not require the the confirmation of the car reservation or car booking. On registration the company will send car voucher by email. If you book online than then you can print the voucher.You must have to keep the car voucher with you when you are going to rent a car.

4. The voucher is one of the important documents, if you want a car you need to carry the voucher. Please do not forget the booking reference number if you have missed the reference voucher. Car rental company charges only basic rate of rent a car on the basis of present rates offered by the rental company at the time of booking.

5. Some company give premium membership of club annually. Some rental car company offers free club membership for first year. If you are frequent travelers and using rental car while traveling you can avail the benefits of various discounts and special offers as premium club membership. If you are corporate member or government employee then you can get the benefits of premium club member.

6. Normally the rental car companies prefer credit card for the payment because with the credit card the company should know the credit-worthy, to minimize vehicle damage and losses. Some Car rental companies also accept debit card payment under certain condition. The documents require for debit card rental includes valid driver's license, Utility bill (one months), Payroll remnant (15 days)

7. Every company has customer care department, which can handle all the information about updates of booking or cancellation from the customers. You can call them directly to them and give updates or changes in your booking schedules.Only you need is your booking reference number. On the basis of this you have to change your documents or status online or talking to customer care department. There are rules regarding change in status of reservation or cancellation. In case of immediate cancellation the company takes some extra charges.

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