Whether you’ve retired voluntarily or not, do you have a plan about how to make the most of your life experience? Is there something you’ve always wanted to do, a little flame inside that begs you to let it glow?

Maybe you were able to demonstrate your unique qualities, talents, skills, and gifts during the years prior to retirement. Maybe your responsibilities had you work at a job that paid expenses, but didn’t encourage the real you to have your day. What have you always wanted to do that you now can make happen? What can you share with others to provide real value to them in a way that meets both your inner and outer needs and theirs?

First, allow that if there’s something you want to do, there’s a way it can be done. You just have to open yourself to possibilities, resources, and opportunities. You can look for them, create them, and even get word out so people can find you to help you make this happen.

Second, what in your personal or professional life, or even as a consumer, did you not like and would have done differently? Make a list of these. It may not be that you use all or any of these in what you choose to do or offer, but look for the common thread that runs through them. This lets you see and feel your commitment to purpose and value of service to others, whether you offer a product or service.

Third, ask others what they feel is unique about you. Sometimes you may be too close to recognize such aspects or traits about yourself objectively. See if there’s a common thread in their comments.

Fourth, if you’ve ever had an issue or problem that you needed a solution for, you were probably relieved once you found one or a person who could provide it. If there’s something of value you can offer to others and keep it from them, ask yourself how you’d feel if the situation were reversed.

Fifth, if any belief statements come up for you that say you can’t do whatever it is you desire to do, ask yourself what belief you’d rather activate instead. Write it down and repeat it. It’s usually the opposite of the limiting belief. You might even write, “The belief I want to activate in myself is,” and then fill in the rest. Do this for every limiting belief that comes up.

Sixth, write down what you want and want to feel. Ask yourself how others will feel once what you want is yours. Then, ask your inner guidance or whatever name you use for the infinite intelligence to show you how to stay open to inspired ideas and opportunities. Watch for what and who starts to show up in your life to support you. Keep a list and take a moment to express genuine appreciation for these.

Seventh, you don’t have to do it alone. Find or create a support team, maybe a Dream Team that meets every week to brainstorm about how to make each person’s dream their reality. Bring a large tablet or use a blackboard. Follow Bob Proctor’s advice and list the Goal/Dream at the top and underline it. Then, draw a line down the middle. On the left column, write Reasons It Can’t be Done. On the right column, write How It Might. Fill in the left column with a large X so you can’t write in it. Every time someone offers a reason why something can’t be done, someone yells out, “Next!” and you move on.

If you’ve retired, you have years of experience in all areas of life. Who would benefit from learning from you? What age are they? What level of education do they have? What do they want that you can provide? How much fun do you want to have? How on purpose do you feel about doing this?

How energetic and enthusiastic do you want to feel about getting out of bed every day?

Go for it.

I wish you a wonderful day and a day filled with wonders.

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