People like to buy but they don't like to be sold!

Have you ever walked into a store with the intention to purchase something and when the sales person walks up and asks "can I help you?" we respond "No thanks, just looking" as we walk away and avoid eye contact. So how do you sell someone something that they already know they need but for whatever reason are reluctant to tell you?

The simple answer is that you must get inside their head! How exactly do you get inside the guarded vault? How do you get into the vault? Well of course with a key? How do you acquire the key? In order to sell without selling so the customer can buy without buying, you must know the real reasons why people buy in the first place.

Use the following 7 secrets to get your prospect to give you the keys to unlocking their needs and then deliver your product or service to them! These are marketing principals that will never change, either you just haven't heard of them yet or you haven't made the effort to employ them. Once you know them and apply them in your strategies your business and marketing will explode!

Secret 1. Prospects buy benefits, not features. If you are giving a generic pitch to all your customers then chances are you are not connecting with them. Familiarize yourself with all the different benefits of your offer and then customize it to different targeted customer bases.

Secret 2. People buy solutions to their problems. In order to be the solution for your prospect's problem you must first uncover the problem. Since not every potential customer walks around with a problem summary tattooed to their forehead so you must first earn their trust before they will open up to you.

Secret 3. People buy feelings not products and services. Most prospects are seeking feelings like love, security, wealth, happiness, acceptance, and success. If you have ever paid for a watch over $30.00 then you have made an emotional purchase as there were feelings versus facts behind the product or service. Find the emotional aspect of your product or service and find a way to package that in the promotions to your prospects.

Secret 4. People buy because of promises you make to them. The reason why people have their guard up in the first place is because of people how have promised things and haven't delivered. If you can't deliver it for sure then don't promise it, and since nothing in life is guaranteed, it's best to practice the habit of under-promising and over-delivering to your customers.

Secret 5. People buy "no-risk" offers. Potential customers look for believable and honest claims, which mean claims that not only are honest, but are perceived as honest. Be up front with your prospects and let them no the process of purchasing. Give them the run down on what happens if things are worst case scenario. Be straightforward while showing the prospect their options, out's, and warranties and watch your sales soar!

Secret 6. People buy other people's opinions of your product, service, and business. The top sales people in their field have an endless stream of referrals and the reason why is because word-of-mouth, where a previous customer talks to a potential new customer and presents your product or service in a favorable light, is the most powerful form of marketing.

Secret 7. People buy you. Prospects have the choice of picking you or their alternative choice, whatever that may be. It is up to you to showcase your knowledge, skills, and expertise in a manner that consistently and continuously builds value over the course of your courting the prospect and continuing on after converting them to a customer.

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Russell provides profitable, practical and proven marketing strategies and technological tactics to small business owners and soloprenuers to take back control of their time freedom and money.