If you really want live the life of your dreams, I suggest you avoid the following feelings. It is impossible to feel bad when your thoughts are good.

1. Fear - Fear is at the top of the list because it will do so much damage to you and your life. Don’t let anything scare you. Use fear as an inspirational tool. Navy Seals are put in the worst situations possible while training because constant exposure to fear makes them mentally strong. Their preparation makes them accomplish impossible missions while they make it look easy. They strengthen their minds to believe that they can achieve any mission they are given. They don’t fear anything. President Kennedy said it the best. “The only thing that we have to fear, is fear itself. When you face your fears and consistently overcome them, the feeling is unbelievable. Use your fears as motivation to overcome. It is an unbelievable source of power. Look at fear as a power that is inside of you that is used to give you the power to face your fears. Use this fear as a strength or you will lose it.

2. Jealousy - Jealousy will really disturb you. Don’t be jealous of what someone else has. Don’t be jealous in your relationships. If someone is jealous in their relationships, it will only be a matter of time before they start making up stories about what their partner might be doing. This will take out such a toll on someone’s emotions because once the imagination starts running, it is only downhill from there. Never be jealous.

3. Hatred - Hatred can possibly end life as we know it. What more could I say? Hate leads to people getting killed. Don’t even hate someone that hurt you. Anyone that hurts someone is only doing that because they are really hurting inside. Don’t hate anyone, just don’t think about them. It is okay to dislike something, but it is wrong to hate.

4. Revenge - Revenge can go on for ever. Don’t get in the habit of being someone who is always seeking revenge. Don’t get revenge from your family, don’t get revenge from your partner. Don’t practice revenge, practice constant and never ending improvement.

5. Greed - Greed is why our economy is in such a rough shape. Greed has gotten the best of me on several occasions. I learned a tough lesson every time. Don’t be greedy, or else you will get the best of you. “Know when to hold them, and know when to fold them” as Kenny Rogers would say.

6. Superstition - Don’t be superstitious. People who believe in superstition will often create their own misfortunes. Don’t believe in luck. You are the creator of your own luck. Luck is preparation and opportunity getting together, it is up to you from there. You are the creator of your future. If you want to believe in superstition believe in karma. Don’t let a horoscope create a limitation. It is up to you to make your days great.

7. Anger - Anger is something that hurts so many people. Anger management is a must. If you are getting angry, you are only stressing your own body. Anger can hurt you so bad. Anger can hurt your love ones as well. Please control your anger.

If you avoid these awful emotions, you will have an awesome life. Practice avoiding all of these emotions. Bad thoughts = bad feelings. Good thoughts = good feelings. It is up to us to make our lives special. How special do you want your life to be.? Make it special now.

Hooman Hamzehloui 2009


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