It is no secret that a company can not succeed without sustainable leadership. Today’s executive leaders must hold the secret on how to be a good leader. One may think they are a respected, successful leader, but are they really? Are they infecting their organizational community with negative energy or building it up with positive? A well balanced community can go a long way. It all starts with the leader.

Which one of these statements best describes you as a leader?

1. I Lose

2. You Win

3. You Lose

4. I Create

5. There is No Losing

6. We Win, or

7. I Win.

The answer is a clue to what type of leader you are in your workplace and in your personal life. What’s that? You say you are not a leader. Oh, but you are! You are a leader either by choice or by default. Weather you realize it or not, you are in a leadership position and you are modeling behavior every minute of every day.

What type of leadership are you modeling? There are two types of Energy Leadership. One is negative and is called “Catabolic” Energy. The second is positive or “Anabolic” Energy.

These two types of Energy Leadership are measured with an assessment, which shows our Average Resonating Level of Energy (ARL). This is a snapshot in time of where we are in the 7 Levels of Energy.

The 7 Levels of Energy are Catabolic in the levels 1 & 2, level 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 are all Anabolic. The Energy Leadership Program focuses on Behaviors, Emotions, and Thoughts which directly affect our available amounts of energy for leading in our daily lives. Those who go through this assessment and program are able to convert their Catabolic Energy and add it to their Anabolic, and thus improve their lives at work and home. This, in turn, raises the Anabolic Energy, and there are no limits as to the potential growth that a person can achieve. What do you want to do today?

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Janice Bastani is a Professional, Credentialed Coach with the International Coach Federation. She holds credentials in Energy Leadership Coaching and in Emotional Intelligence Coaching. Learn more about Janice and the Energy Leadership Program Assessment by visiting or emailing her at

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