Looking for an innovative way to sell a product? Use an infomercial that is realistic and captures the imagination of viewers. Infomercials drive products successful as they convince viewers on television or radio of their use and efficacy.

With Google indexing online videos a person does not need to spend tons of money to make an infomercial. A product promotion can now be done effectively on television or online.

To make an infomercial all you need is:

1. A product with an attractive name and packaging.

2. A fast moving attention grabbing script. Make sure a human element exists. Introduce transparency and credibility.

3. An efficient and affordable producer who will make the thirty minute film. Or an infomercial tool kit to make the infomercial video yourself.

4. A well known model or personality who will endorse the product convincingly.

5. Booked air time on television or through the broadband.

6. Effective pricing of product and a gateway through which buyer can order or buy the product.

7. Since infomercials are a direct response marketing exercise the film must be such that it gets an immediate response from viewers. Studies show that 85% of sales are done before the infomercial ends. This indicates that the infomercial should be convincing and truthful to elicit an immediate response.

Infomercials are not cheap and so must be made with great thought. According to T Hawthorne one of the largest producers of infomercials “ to be successful an infomercial must have hard sell.” A successful infomercial must convince people about the effectiveness of a product.

An infomercial must have a core theme and the whole infomercial must prove the theme or promote the point. Its about “magical transformation,” according to T Hawthorne. The keys to success are testimonials, product demos, and the right pricing.

There are established marketing and advertising protocols for infomercials called AIDA. Where A represents attention; I, interest; D, is for desire; and A is action. So a WOW infomercial must capture the attention of the viewer, the interest must grow and the viewer must be convinced about the product and feel the desire to buy one.

According to the experts a product is ideal for an infomercial if:

• It has appeal.
• Costs under USD 100.
• Can be demonstrated during the infomercial.
• The mark up is 4:1 or 5:1.
• Has a market potential like utensils, hair slaves, slimming tonics, or beauty aids.

A success infomercial can move a product faster than any other marketing promotion.

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