2021 will start soon if only we are going to leave the ancient skies in 2020.

The common cold generally an infection of your nose and throat. It’s quickly passed to others, especially in homes, classrooms, and workplaces. More than 100 viruses can cause colds. There are no cure for a common cold, but it typically runs its course in a week to 10 days.

Coronavirus pandemic has infected appx 10 million people globally, and newer infection cases are being reported every single day. While there are no exact date to mark the end of the deadly pandemic, a body of experts feels that nature might be the only thing saving us from the pandemic.

Winter is going to start, and it is rough enough as it is. Tramping through puddles, sometimes even spooning snow, driving through sludge, rough skin, and dry lips will be a challenge of the season.

Fortunately, yoga offers a solution. It helps naturally boosting your immune system, building your resistance, and enhancing your overall health, a strong yoga routine is a perfect shield against winter’s worst effects. If you want to support any other, you must take a Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh, India.

Add these asanas into your daily routine to ensure your winter season is as healthy as possible. It’s most important to note that if you really feel sick, consider doing your practice at your home until you feel better.
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1. Standing Forward Bend / Uttanasana

Uttanasana should already be a part of your normal yoga routine.

If it isn’t, definitely add it in! By performing a forward bend, you reverse the flow of blood, lymphatic fluid, and other liquids throughout your upper body.

This activity helps to cleanse your lungs, your nasal passages, your sinuses, and other related systems.

2. Bridge Pose / Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This is one of my favorite poses. Bridge pose is a wonderful way to open up the chest and shake lose any mucus or congestion which is gathering there.

The fresh invasion of oxygen helps your entire system refresh and energize. Like Standing Forward Bend, it’s also pleasing for lowering the head to send blood toward it and to shake loose the nasal passages.

3. Cobra Pose / Bhuanga

Cobra pose is a perfect way to build the strength and durability your body needs in order to challenge colds and illnesses.

The chest-forward, open bearing encourages full, deep breaths and a liberating of any grease or secretion within. Cobra is specifically recommended for helping those who suffer from asthma, allergy, or other respiratory issues.

It also helps your digestive system make full use of its vitamins and fibers, which is critical for a body to fight off illness.

4. Legs-Up-The-Wall / Viparita Karani

This could be measured the converse of the head-down poses. In this case, the head and torso are horizontal and it’s the legs which are in the upside-down position.
If at all conceivable, find a wall that has a clear space before it. Wiggle your lowermost until it is situated at the base of the wall.

Take in long, deep breaths. Relish the space. So much of life in modern times is about race-race-race. Take this moment to breathe in, pause, and count your many blessings.

5. Cat - Cow Pose / Marjaryasana -Bitilasana

A key part of our body fighting any infection, illness, or disease is to have it arrange the energy it desires to post that defense. That includes the right vitamins, ample hydration, and full sleep.

Reducing stress is a key aspect of getting sleep.
Cat-cow poses are a well-known method of reducing stress and relaxing the body. One of the best ways you can charge your body to resist whatever comes at it is to get ample sleep every night. Cat-cow is a step along that path.

6. Reclining Spinal Twist / Jathara Parivartanasana

This pose is just so incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. It provides a gentle twist to your entire abdomen area. Any toxins which are accumulating throughout your body get softly wrung out and released.

Make each motion mindfully and gently.

Breathe. Breathe.

7. Corpse Pose / Shavasana

Most practices recommend ending a yoga session with shavasana. This is a pose of release and relaxation.

The hormones expressed by stress can wreak havoc in just about every aspect of the body’s immune system. The more that we can reduce stress, the better our body becomes in handling any challenges it might face.

Let your thoughts flow and float. They are translucent clouds passing by. Watch them with calm acceptance. Bring your attention back to the calm between your breaths.


Yoga is a key constituent of your daily routine which can help safeguard that your body is as strong and ready as it can be for all of the contests which winter throws at you.

Sideways with healthy food, proper hydration, and ample sleep, a sympathetic yoga routine can prepare you for a winter as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

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Have you used yoga as a winter cold preparation before? If not, will you be generous it a go this year? Let me know in the comments. You are also invited to join a best Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh today!

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