I am not a workaholic person, and sometimes I wonder if there is any job in the world that is easy to do (as per my convenience) and also, pays me better. Thankfully, I come across these 7 world's most comfortable and best-paying jobs. If you are also interested in learning about such professionals, then let's take a look at them in detail:

7. Personal Trainer

Did you know personal trainer earn somewhere equivalent to middle management executives? People who hit the gym to gain muscles or to lose weight require someone to supervise their workout sessions. This is where a personal trainer comes in a role.

What is the work? - A personal trainer is only needed to devise a workout plan for a client, and the client will do all the hefty workout. Also, personal trainer gets paid no matter whether a customer is following the plan or not. (Average salary - $25000)

6. Photographer

If you have an eye for detail and passion for photography then why do not you make a profession out of it? All you have to do is learn a few ins and outs of the camera and invest in some right equipment to maximize its potential. (Average salary - $27000)

5. Songwriter

If you are into the poetry and music than being a songwriter going to pay the bills. You do not require to have the technical know-how of music. However, an ear for music is necessary. Remember, a movie "About a Boy", where a rich man lives a lavish life on the royalty money he gets for his songs that became hit years before. (Average salary - $43000)

4. Tour guide

You like travelling and love to learn the associated history of every place you visit but do not have enough money to fulfil your travelling dreams. In that case, choosing a career as "Tour Guide" might be a lucrative idea. All you need to have is good "people skills" and a gift of gab. (Average salary - $52000)

3. Power Plant Operator

Being a power plant operator is not that tough, if Homer Simpson can do it then why do not you? Although, power plant operator handles the electricity of millions of businesses and households. If you are interested in this job, then all you need is to earn accredited vocational diploma. However, for the diploma some proficiency in science and math is required. (Average salary - $73000)

2. Artist

As an artist, you can earn a substantial amount of money depending on how good you are. There are painters or sculptures so whichever profession you choose will give you a hard time in the start. But, once you establish yourself in the art world then money will start flowing in. (Average salary - $100,000)

2. Freelance writer

A freelance writer can work as per their convenience and comfort of their home. If you choose this profession, then "you are your boss". You can enjoy the freedom of accepting only those writing assignments that you would enjoy.

What is the work – You need to write articles, blogs, books or press releases or white papers for your clients. (Average salary - $104,000)

1. Optometrist

Being an Optometrist, you help your clients to achieve clear and better vision. Simply, you diagnose the problem and advise the solution. All you need to get the relevant degree that may cost you a bit. However, the job is quite easy as the apparatus and gadgets will do most of the work. (Average salary - $124,000)

So there are 7 most comfortable jobs in the world that pay better than 9 to 6 corporate professions. However, there are a few other professions to explore available at best job portal websites and social media sites.

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