For most people, to be self-employed means having to work round the clock with little or no time-off that often goes along with a lack of defined leisure. This scenario can be tasking and no doubt could take its toll on your health. There is a ray of bright light with some easy to adopt steps which can help you on the path of healthy living irrespective of your employment status.
Most people think that they need to get to a gym to enjoy benefits of exercise but this isn’t actually true. There are ways you can set up your own garage gym from sites such as Garage Gym Planner which can give you tips on how to get started.
Here is a list of easy to follow exercise tips:

1. Place Priority on Your Workouts

Whatever you want to advance in your life needs some commitment. This does not begin and end with just clients but also boils down to how you treat yourself. The sage said “love others as you love yourself”, which in other words means that you need to treat your health as priority just like you treasure your clients.

Determine that you will keep to your exercise schedules and refuse to allow anyone or anything rob you of this commitment. Moreover, it is only for a few minutes a day. You can use planning apps on your phone to schedule this and stay healthy.

2. Build Workouts into Your Routine

Make sure you are flexible with your workouts so that you are able to do the daily bit. Sometimes, you can be so busy that you will be pressed for time. If you are able to agree flexible schedules for your meetings or with clients, you can decide to discuss at the park or meet at the golf course. Where this is possible, you can decide to walk to the park together for your discussion or do it over a game of golf.

This does not have to hard and fast as you only need to schedule this if a series of meeting are likely to prevent you from going to the gym or completing your jogging session for the day. The fact that your blood circulation is enhanced when you exercise means you are preserving your life for another day with this make-up plan.

3. Small Exercises While You Work

There are a couple of routines you can do while you work. Deciding to walk down the stairs instead of using the elevator for a couple of minutes can be helpful to your health. Your ability to focus and concentrate is heightened with such pauses just as your muscles get the much-needed breather from sitting all day long.

Researchers are of the view that inability to observe work pauses for 8 straight hours lowers your life expectancy by some shade. You will be doing yourself a lot of good to stand up from your work table and do a bit of leg stretching or take a walk and be reinvigorated.

4. Outdoor Lunch Breaks

Going outdoor enables you to breathe fresh air, get some sunshine and boost your mood. Everyone might not be able to go on long breaks but walking to the café across the street or the next one is a good routine. Your mind gets tickled by the distraction, your nerves relax and you are able to gain some relief that can help your productivity.
Come to think of it, a simple outdoor lunch will not stop you from making a good presentation to clients or impede your to-do list from completion. It is your health that is the beneficiary and you are able to maintain improved concentration as you return to work.

5. The Game Advantage

Game mechanics have been in use for some years along with the distinctiveness of leaderboards. This means that you can involve your colleagues or friends and challenge them to new fitness heights. Whether it is record level of push-ups or more distance to cover on foot, it will be worth the while.

Advances in technology have made it possible to add some fun to your exercise routines such that peps up the whole experience. You can run with an edge by using mobile apps like ‘Runkeeper’ or ‘Endomondo’ to spice up your experience. As you get motivated with the mobile devices and apps, your self-employment status will be less of a limiting factor to your fitness.

6. The Social Support

Many things in life work better with some form of support, if you are not a self-starter, you can use the help of friends, an exercise group or membership of a fitness club. If any of these are around your workplace, home or in a close proximity to where you often visit, it will be a big plus. Knowing that someone is there to call on you or knock on the door can be a huge advantage. You will look forward to such support with glee knowing you are not alone.

Irrespective of how you work, when others call on you, you feel a sense of obligation to respond. So, for odd hours, working with a group ensures safety and you will have fewer worries about anything untoward happening.

7. Waking Routine

When you learn to wake up early, you might be in a better position to keep fit and engage in one form of exercise or the other. Many self –employed persons are unarguably pressed for time and this can make committing to regular exercise difficult. One way to go around this malaise is to consider setting an alarm so that if your day starts off a bit early, you can chink an hour or less in to begin your day with a fitness schedule.
For some people, to accommodate new routines means having to alter their sleeping hours so that it will be possible to wake up early enough . Where this is the case, it will be worthwhile to do so as no sacrifice is too much to stay healthy and remain alive.


Many people have lifestyles that make fitness difficult to attain but with a little thought and some determination, improvements can be made. When this is successfully taken care of, then other aspects of your daily life will be better managed so that you can attain your fitness goals.

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Cathy loves to provide readers with useful, straight-forward insights on how to be happy and healthy.She writes regularly on topics revolving around exercise and happiness and helps educate readers on the best ways to improve their health and looks naturally.