Picture This – you prepare a piping hot coffee and some snacks to go along. After a long day at work, you want to relax and let your hair down. You switch on the television to watch the game as it plays, and the minute you put down your beverage and snacks, they crash and spill on the floor.

Still, want to know why? If you might not have guessed it already, the answer is, you are missing the coffee table there. This is but a glimpse of the importance of coffee tables in our living areas for the uninitiated. But are coffee tables merely used for putting down hot beverages and snack bowls?

Most of us research, analyze, and find the perfect coffee table that suits us, yet we fail to appreciate the practical value in our everyday lives. Why? Because it lies at the heart of our seating area! Therefore while you may have bought the perfect coffee table, you are yet to understand the art of styling it for that impressive chic look. The following coffee table ideas for your home styling tips can help you bring A-game to create that perfect first impression.
Compartmentalize Your Style

When you possess a coffee table, you should know where to begin. By creating a grid, you can start with smaller items and position them within the squares. The grid will help you to compartmentalize your knick-knacks stylishly and make the table surface look uncluttered.
Experimenting With Seasonal Decorations

Your coffee table is the epicenter of all that happens in your living room. It is the central point of the entire setting, and therefore it might not be such a bad idea to add certain seasonal items to it. For instance, adding some orchids in the spring or seashells and some books for summer and so on.
Differentiate to Attract

Though many people are obsessive believers of uniformity and Equanimous arrangements, it doesn't quite catch the eye. However, if your décor or the accessories on the tabletop are adjusted on various degrees of heights, it just looks more appealing. This also helps you design vignettes that can instantly catapult the entire thematic setting to a different class altogether.
Three Time's a Charm

The age-old proverbial rule can quite work your way when adjusting a compact coffee table. A coffee table, which I round or oval, is more restrictive in shape and dimensions. This is the reason why you must leave it uncluttered and not adorn it with any more elements than is necessary. This is where three could be your thumb rule as it not only fills up the surface perfectly and in an aligned manner but also makes it more appealing.
Playing With Shades

The most important part of any décor is the colors, shades, and hues that complement each other and the overall ambiance. You can paint your favorite colors, maybe the boldest of hues, and combine and experiment with others to make your coffee table attractive. Since it is the focal point of the entire living room, you might want to play with colors, but at the same time, contrast and balance them out as well. As a general rule, for darker woods, you should always opt for subtle metallic accessories. If the colors or options seem too loud or extravagant for your taste, you can always pick bright colored trays or other bold-colored items.
Pick a Side

Often, the coffee table is a space for games and fun-filled activities for families and friends. Since it is the room's focal point, you can always opt for a more subtle décor by accessorizing one end of the table and leaving the other largely uncluttered. If the area still seems empty to you, you can place a large vase and still come out with a chic and royal table setting that looks classic and provides enough space for games and other fun and frolic.

Green Up!

Sometimes all you have to do is place a small potted plant on a stack of books. That's it! There is just something about potted plants and indoor vegetation that instantly comes alive in any place setting. A simple houseplant can elevate even the most mundane and boring corners and make it lively. Besides, it is often a fresh look that can always elevate the vibe of any room or place setting or theme.


Your coffee table is, after all, an extension of your personal space. Therefore it is always better to keep it uniquely stylized to your taste. The right ambiance and setting the family heirloom watch will trump the new exotic door piece you just got. That is because it is all about how you customize your place and project your space.

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