Digital career is a new and popular term that attracts professionals who want to realize themselves remotely, like a magnet. It is not surprising that this approach to organizing work has become a trend - the obvious cost savings of the company plus the flexibility and efficiency of employees give tangible results. If you also want to start and build a successful digital career, then in this article we will give you tips on where to start and where to move.
Find out If There Is a Remote Work Opportunity in Your Company
This is the easiest and most obvious way. If the specifics of your work is such that your presence in the office every minute is not necessary, then the only thing you need to do is discuss the possibility of switching to a remote model with your boss.
As a rule, progressive companies look at things sensibly, and if your strengths are the ability to organize yourself, carry out work within the deadline without losing quality, then there is no reason to refuse to switch to remote work.
Moreover, for companies that position themselves as digital, this is normal practice. These companies comprehensively support the use of technology in the workflow, including for the organization of remote cooperation.
Switch to Freelance

Well, if the previous advice did not suit you for certain reasons, the freelance world is always open to anyone who is willing to invest in their development and is not afraid of difficulties. Contrary to popular belief, freelance is not only suitable for creative or technical professionals, such as designers or programmers. Human resources specialists, sales managers, lawyers, online consultants, teachers, and tutors can also be successful freelancers. And this list does not end with the professions that we have listed.
Therefore, you always have the opportunity to begin to grope the way of freelance without even quitting your main job.
Reveal Your Hidden Talents
Continuing the previous paragraph logically, it’s worth saying that in order to become a freelancer, it’s not even necessary to continue to do what you do at your main job or to look for work according to education if you were a student yesterday. Sometimes it’s enough to remember your forgotten talents and find their possible application in the digital world. Here are a few ideas that can be directly related to your talents that you are not using.
● Writing. Content creation is a very sought-after area in the digital field. For example, look at the experience of successful authors, reviews of which are collected on the Online Writers Rating website.
● Painting. If you can draw and think visually, then you should try yourself in web design. Yes, you will have to acquire several technical skills, but creativity is what was given to you by nature.
● Knitting and sewing. Now many people make the choice in favor of individual designs and eco-materials, abandoning goods from the mass market. Start creating your collections of clothes and accessories if your hands are in the right place.
● Photographing or filming. Yes, the competition among photographers is great, but if this is your true passion, then you definitely should try.
● Social media. If your personal profiles on social networks are successful and popular, then you can definitely help brands do the same.
Get One More Qualification
So here is another good tip. If your current job does not allow you to switch to freelance or a remote model, and you do not have potentially suitable talents, then it's time to develop them. Use the list above to see what you like the most.
In addition, pay attention to the IT industry - for several years now, it has experienced a severe shortage of specialists, and offers huge opportunities for choice - from the creator of sites through an Internet marketer to a neural network programmer and cybersecurity specialist.
Moreover, higher education is not a key requirement. Good knowledge and the ability to share project values are positioned as more important criteria.
Expand Your Network
A digital career is certainly a good choice, but you can’t move on without the help of real people. Therefore, your task is to constantly expand your network of professional contacts. The best way to do this is to create a profile on Linkedin and actively get to know people from your area, tell them how you can be useful and add them to your network. Plus, other social networks and professional sites can also be useful, but each of them has its own specifics.
Try to Become an Expert (Or at Least One of Them)
Yes, now there are many specialists who position themselves as experts, and sometimes it can be really difficult to distinguish an impostor from a person who really knows the specifics of his industry. But fortunately, there is one criterion, and it should be your goal as well if you want to become an expert in a certain industry.
This goal and this criterion is the popularity of your services, tips, advice, and name in the digital market. The only way to measure and evaluate your expertise is the number of your subscribers, people who ask for your advice and follow your posts on social networks, get involved in a dialogue with you and thank you for your help and support. The key to success towards this goal is valuable content.
Develop Your Personal Brand
As soon as you begin to position yourself as an expert, this will simultaneously mean that you have embarked on the path of developing a personal brand. A personal brand is an excellent indicator of digital career success. For example, do you know Neil Patel? Of course, you know him. This is just the example when a successful digital career, valuable content and a personal brand have become the whole one.
You can reasonably argue that at the moment the competition in the digital sphere is too high to try to squeeze in there. Yes, you are partially right - however, you do not need to copy anyone. Look for your direction and your best skill to compete well. Moreover, modern conditions for the development of a digital career are very profitable and attractive.

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