Have you ever thought about writing? I believe everyone has had an idea or two on the matter.
There are different roads to follow on the way to effective self-development and writing can be one of them. Overall, these roads depend on individual aptitudes and room for professional growth for each person. Often, attempts to keep up with personal life and career can cause a great deal of stress. It is natural because everyone needs to get some rest now and then. This brings you to the conflict of having to stop moving forward despite your inner desire of advancement. You might even feel defeat when your inner battery dies. Being unable to continue at a certain point feels like giving up forever. But there is a way out: one of the effective methods to compensate the resting time is to spend it with quality. And writing is among such beneficial activities. It’s a truly unique experience worth living through because:

Writing Improves Your Knowledge
In the process of writing you expose your ability to elaborate on the subject you describe. You then see how competent you are in the matter. Writing on a certain subject helps you understand it more clearly and makes you more conscious about the gaps that you need to fill in.

Writing Everyday Clears up the Thinking Process
It might not seem obvious but your wandering thoughts differ a lot from when you write them down. They become grounded and conclusive. When you need to anchor some idea in your consciousness this is the way to do it.
Writing Develops Critical Thinking
Complete sentences become clear and you start evaluating their fluency. You observe their general sense as well and start rebuilding the structure of your text to give it more substance. It captures the difference between how the idea looks in your head and on paper.

Writing Is like a Physical Exercise to Your Brain
It improves your thinking patterns because you have to shape your thoughts into a viable construction. They become more organized and logical, basically, making you smarter and because you do it regularly, your brain acquires a good “shape”.

Writing Boosts Memory
It is scientifically proven that writing boosts neural activity that is connected to the inner workings of your memory.

Writing Develops Your Language
It is without question that in the process of writing you are expressing yourself through language. Practice makes perfect and here it improves your language and speech because you try not to repeat yourself; you use a more elaborate vocabulary and the way you state your thoughts changes completely.

Writing Helps You Relax
Writing is a stress relieving process. Expressing your thoughts is similar to getting the accumulated emotions out of the system. It’s a form of a therapeutic ritual that emphasizes the distinction of time and space. You acknowledge yourself between your past and future in the present moment. This brings peace.

So if you hate being idle at rest then dedicate some time to a pen. Writing down your thoughts and perceiving them visually is a unique process. It proves to be redemptive and productive. With it you’ll be back well rested and full of innovative ideas for your main occupation without the guilt over wasted time.

Author's Bio: 

Jane Copland is a passionate PR manager at ThePensters.com – the community of freelance academic writers. She’s into writing, technology and psychology.