It’s a great idea to invest in remodeling your home. Upgrading your home might require making a variety of remodeling projects. However, it’s important to opt for upgrades that will give your home more value. Making a decision on the upgrades you’re considering is essential before calling a professional remodeling company. To make decision making easier, here are 7 top upgrades to give your home more value with assistance from the right contractor.

Home Remodeling Scottsdale

Replace your old entry door and windows

The first thing to consider when planning enhancing your home value is by upgrading the doors and windows. Burglars can easily break old and corroded doors and windows. Getting window and door replacements will make your home safer. The first things to notice on a home are windows and doors. Getting upgrades will give a great impression and make your home harder to break into.

Improving the kitchen

A kitchen is the heart of a home. This is where meals are prepared from and the whole family congregates. A well-designed kitchen will significantly enhance the value of your home. This requires calling a professional home remodeling agency to assess your kitchen for necessary upgrades. This might require investing in new faucets, countertop, cabinets, appliances, light fixtures, and flooring. The contractor will help you make appropriate upgrades to match your budget. Some considerations for a stellar kitchen remodel include:

Touch-less kitchen faucet
Quartz and marble countertops
White cabinets for a timeless appeal
Stainless steel appliances for a modern look

Modernize your bathroom

Apart from the kitchen, the bathroom is the second busiest part of a home. Therefore, you can’t miss it out during a remodeling project to make your home look like a million bucks. The bathroom is the only room that requires an extensive overhaul during home remodeling in Scottsdale. Modernizing the bathroom might require upgrading the bathtub and shower. Additionally, consider replacing the toilet and sink with modern versions after redesigning the walls and light fixtures.

Upgrade outdoor space

It’s a wonderful idea to have a home with outdoor space for a garden or patio. However, you have to spruce this up as well. Consider adding a stunning wooden deck to enhance the beauty of your home. Invest in a garden pond with a fountain enhanced with lighting. The space near the found should have some outdoor seating. This offers a relaxing atmosphere where you can come and cool off the day’s stress. With pond lights, your water feature will look impressively beautiful at night.

Upgrade the floors

Consider upgrading your flooring to hardwood. If you have it already, have it replenished. Hardwood flooring is a great option for easy maintenance and cleaning. If hardwood is beyond your budget, consider other options to give your space the same look and feel at a lower price. Opt for porcelain tiles in the bathrooms. These tiles come in various designs and styles, highly durable, and ideal for regular use. Luckily, tiles have clear colors making it easy to notice chips or stains.

Upgrade the roof

A roof is an essential investment on a home. With time, a roof is prone to damages that might result in things like leaks, blow-offs, and damage from low hanging tree branches. Additionally, older roofs are prone to regular damage leading to costly repairs. With a roof replacement, you will enjoy many years of use without worrying about repairs. A new roof is stronger and guarantees the safety of your family and assets.

Switch furniture, fixtures, and accessories

Finally, consider upgrading your furniture to stylish pieces to add a tasteful loon in your home. Additionally, invest in some Asian art for hanging on the walls. Just invest in pieces that give your home a neutral style while looking incredibly stylish. Have light fixtures and appliances upgraded to modern and energy efficient alternatives. These will enhance the look of your home while helping you go green.

Closing thoughts

Spending money on remodeling your home is a worthy expenditure. However, you have to opt for remodel projects that will enhance your home value. Additionally, you have to choose a reliable and experienced contractor to handle your remodeling project. The contractor will also make appropriate recommendations on the right upgrades to make the project easier for you.

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