I don't Have to tell you what an addictive, destructive and terrible habit this is, because you already know that is why you have chosen to read this blog.

I have just finished a book for you covering the aspects of "Why Can't I Give Up Smoking" it is in the publishing stages at present to go up for you in the near future.

Before you go through these tips or steps to give up smoking, I want you to firstly visualize yourself as a non-smoker:

Then to realize the absolute addiction to this substance and that it will never pass your lips again. Say these two things to yourself as many times a day as necessary and for as long as necessary.

The decision has to be to go "Cold Turkey", I explain this in my book, but for now you will just have to trust me that this is the only way to go.

Congratulations on the Decision to Quit!!!
1.Make a Date: Yes as you would for any other must do task on your calendar
2.Plan for the Date: Wash and clean everything that looks or even smells like cigarettes. The Car, house, your wardrobe.
3.Get Friends & Family on board: Communicate your decision, clarifying the importance of their support for you making this decision. If there is anyone who is not totally supportive you may either have to delete them from your life, or if that isn’t totally possible distance your relationship for a while until you feel comfortable and confident in your decision to become a non-smoker.
4.Have Positive Strategies: To avoid becoming sucked back into smoking change the way you do things. For example if you normally have a cigarette when you have a coffee or glass of wine. Then either go without these for a couple of months until you can cope, or have some roasted almonds or walnuts to have with them. If you are feeling stressed go for a walk, take deep breaths and drink plenty of water.
5.Avoid People who Smoke: This is vitally important especially in the early stages of becoming a non-smoker. If you have a husband, partner, and wife or adult children living with you who are smokers then you will have to ask them to refrain from smoking inside or anywhere is close proximity to the house or in the car. When I say close proximity to the house I mean under front or back verandas.
6.Vitamin Supplements: About a week or even two before making the decision to become a non-smoker get yourself a liquid B supplement and some homoeopathic drops for nerve support. The tissue salt Kali Phos is great for stress and anxiety and works well. These will be available through your pharmacy or health shop. Plus drink lots of water.
7.See yourself as a Non-Smoker: It is vitally important to see yourself as a non-smoker. Clarifying the reasons why you want to be a non-smoker such as you want to smell nice, you want to have great skin, you want to live your life free from disease related illness associated with smoking such as emphysema, lung cancer, heart attacks, and heart disease.

Benefits you will notice almost immediately:
1.You will smell better
2.You will feel better about yourself as you have taken control
3.Within a few days the nicotine will be out of your system, therefore the withdrawal symptoms will have ceased. It is now just putting positive habits and strategies into place. You may well want to join a gym, a walking group or go swimming at the pool.
4.You will be financially better off by about $100 per week that is $5,200 per year. Book a holiday that you have always wanted.Keep Going You will Never Look Back!!!!!

There is only one guaranteed way to Overcoming Health issues and problems - That is to take Charge of Your Life and the Habits that you take on board

Once you have implemented these Steps you may feel you need further support - link into my:

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Steps to Create & Implement Healthy Eating and Exercise Routines

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This is “Great” you are still with me.

“You are Truly Amazing and Committed to improving your Life, I am truly grateful and proud of you”

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