As business owners and marketers know, branding is essential to growing your business. Email marketing has been a staple in branding for nearly 40 years, according to Marketing Land. That’s quite an accomplishment and very notable when it comes to its longevity, to say the least.

Clearly, email marketing is not outdated, despite its age. People trust email. Conversely, if you are able to build and maintain the trust of your customers via email marketing, you are in a symbiotic relationship that will ultimately lead to better customer loyalty and higher revenue.

But how can you improve the trust your customers have in your organization or products through your email campaign? We’ve compiled the below list to help you.

1. Send Newsletters
Create newsletters with valuable content and send them to your subscribers. This is a good opportunity to include your company’s vision and mission and give a glimpse into your company’s culture for your customers to understand you and your story better and educate your customers about your company.

This is not a good opportunity to sell. You’ll want to avoid any sales pitches. Instead, you can provide information about how to use your products or “pro tips” to enhance their use. An email campaign that includes this information will help sell the idea of your product, without being too sales-y and losing your readers.

2. Target Your Audience
You don’t need to send all of your email marketing to all of your contacts each time. Instead, segment them according to specific demographics, such as age, location, gender, interests, products purchased, etc. so you can better target your marketing campaigns. People that are more likely to be interested in the content you send will be much more likely to open, read, click, etc. and more likely to trust that the email you send is going to be of value to them.

Using an effective tool to verify the email addresses in your campaigns is always a good idea. Taking that a step further to locate correct email addresses will be even more effective so that you know you have legitimate and correct addresses and avoid spam filters.

3. Use Genuine Subject Lines
In order to convince recipients to open their emails, some email marketers try fancy or misleading subject lines to increase open rates. This is an excellent way to get your readers to lose trust in you. Since this does not match your email marketing goals, it is best to use engaging but genuine subject lines.

The first time one of your email campaign subscribers opens an email based on the subject line and the content within the email is not related, you’ve lost them forever. They’ll never trust one of your emails again. It’s difficult to trust a product from a company you don’t trust. Avoid misleading subject lines at all costs.

4. Ask Permission
In order to have the full trust of your readers, make sure they actually want to receive your marketing emails. Give them options in other methods of communication to opt-in to your emails. This is where valuable content such as a newsletter can come in handy. Give an option such as “Like what you see here? Receive our monthly newsletter to see more!”

Sending unsolicited email to unsuspecting recipients without their permission can make your marketing emails land in more spam filters as it gets flagged by these recipients as spam. And, worse, it will lead to them losing their trust in your organization.

5. Make It Personal
Send personalized emails that are relevant to your customers based on the data that you have. Ensuring the content you are giving your customers is in context with their interests, needs, etc. will not only increase your open rates, but will get them to want to hear from you.

Providing this personalized touch and contextualized content in each email campaign will have a positive effect on your customers’ trust in you and your products, solidifying your relationship.

6. Use Conversational Language
Formal and stuffy communications are not necessary for your marketing emails. To get your customers to trust you and your communications, make your language more conversational and less formal. It may make your readers feel more like a pen pal than a sales target.

Showing your human side will also help your customers see you as a real person and not just a business. Sharing some personal information to humanize you can make you come across as more friendly and personable.

7. Use Reply-able and Consistent Email Addresses
Sending emails from “NO REPLY” email addresses is not very personal and does not give an opportunity for a two-way conversation. Instead, use an email address that would welcome a reply from your recipient and get back to them in a timely manner to encourage interaction.

Also, make sure you use an email address that is consistent with your domain and used consistently to send and reply to your addressees. Again, taking these steps to humanize you and make your customers feel valued will help improve trust through your email campaign.

According to Lyfe Marketing, 50% of consumers will buy as a result of email marketing campaigns at least once per month. As effective as it is, email marketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Making sure you don’t lose your customers’ trust through your email marketing campaigns is very important, but actually improving your trust is also possible.

The Smart Insights Email Marketing Trends 2020 research found that mobile email is starting to overtake desktop for email opens. However, that is one of the only affects the last 10 years have had on email marketing. That’s important to note as you plan your email campaign strategies now and in the future.

For the most effective email campaign strategies to work, you’ll want to enlist the help of an enhanced best email finding tool to know you have accurate email addresses for your recipients. Choose the right tool that will allow you to search for email addresses individually or in bulk. More importantly for your email campaigns, you will be able to upload a large list of email addresses and determine which are correct and which are incorrect. An effective tool will increase your delivery rate and reduce your chances of being marked as spam, eventually ending up in most spam filters.

Since the tried and true email marketing method remains popular, it is an excellent opportunity to improve the trust your customers have in your brand. Following the tips outlined here and implementing an effective email finding tool will help you exceed that goal.

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