We all want love. We see evidence of this when we engage in relationships, make babies, build a happy home and career, when we do good work and make great art. These are all ways we choose to create and express more love around us and within us.

In our matchmaking program The Good Love™ for Singles, we explore becoming a "love magnet" to magnify the chances of attracting one's Soulmate. Here are 7 ways to become that magnet for strong, healthy love in your romantic and platonic relationships...

#1 Confidence - Healthy confidence is attractive. Confidence is sexy. However, unless we're confident at all times, how do we get there? Remember your excellence. We all have excellence within us.... more than our outfits and our cars. Deeper than this is our excellence within. Our ability to genuinely exude love, understanding, responsibility, peace, care, patience, grace, hope, etc for ourselves and others - is living our excellence. When we live in our excellence, we are confident.

#2 Amplify the Positive - See the good in others, and when it's difficult to do so remember that we are all one - experiencing life's ups and downs, so give them a pass. Bring positivity to the situation. Positive people believe in hope. There is always tomorrow. A new day means the possibility of a new perspective, an opportunity to deepen our faith, and believe in ourselves. The law of averages says that things cannot stay "bad" forever. So trust in the better times ahead and leave people better than you find them. When we bring our genuine positive light everywhere we go, we become a beacon for attracting more of it in the form of healthy love.

#3 Practice Joy - I recall picking up take out with a friend a few weeks ago. We were having fun, joking around and laughing near the door waiting for our order. Two people walked in and immediately said, "I'll have whatever they're having!" Pure laughter, smiles and joy are infectious. Even when we're not experiencing joy, we usually want it because we connect those feelings to happiness. So go towards the good and practice more joy. What brings you more fun in your life? What brings you joy? Do more of that. There may be haters in the world, but people on the whole are more attracted to joy because it feels so very good.

#4 Harmony is Your Friend - Offer peace in relationships. We've all had challenging times or dealt with challenging people. It doesn't feel good. It creates an energy that contracts and is not harmonious. When someone is cantankerous or when we're argumentative, we create separation between us and them which can cause rifts in the relationship ultimately. However when we're around human beings that see the challenge, communicate with responsibility, and want to make things better, we enter the land of harmony which is much more expansive and healthier for all. No one person can be an example of pure harmony at all times, of course. However when we practice introspection, responsibility for our own actions, humility, apology and a desire for peace in relationships, then harmony becomes our companion and relationships flourish.

#5 Love Your Body - Singles, especially... Learn to enjoy what your body looks like. No matter what you may think of your body, chances are someone else finds it very attractive. Yes! There is someone and something for everyone. Give yourself permission to release any thoughts that are not in line with this thinking. Someone is looking for you and would love to love you. This is the truth. There is no reason to hide behind antiquated photos of yourself on dating sites or anywhere, frankly. Let there be no shame in your game. Take care of your health, wellness and personal care. Beyond that, know that you are enough. The knowledge of that simple fact will strengthen your love magnet.

#6 Be Interested - Relationships are a we thing, not a me thing. We will naturally attract more interested people in our lives if we are interested in folks in general. To that end, go ahead and be curious about others. Ask questions, be interested in their stories and getting to know them. Really listen to people when they speak as opposed to hoping that they end quickly so you can talk. If you're in person, look at them when in conversation. Put away your cell phone. It shows that you're more interested in them, than scrolling through social media. Being interested is way more interesting, when it comes to loving another.

#7 Discernment - This is one of the most valuable and powerful tips for attracting and maintaining any healthy relationship that will grow and grow. When practicing the tips above, you may find that you suddenly attract more people in your life. However be mindful, not every individual will be a match. We are all very dynamic and have varied personalities. Remember to take into consideration your lifestyle, personality and boundaries when perceiving what is right for you in the long run.

Author's Bio: 

Daydree Horner is the Good Love Coach, Reiki Master/Teacher and Certified Life Coach at MyOshun. Her goal is to help clients create the ideal environment for personal transformation to occur, where they envision and can manifest the life they truly desire. Her business offers services that help mindfully assist the individual in accessing their own healing, success, transformation and ultimate joy. MyOshun offers Reiki, Couples Reiki, Certified Life Coaching, The Good Love™ Coaching, and à la carte Dating Services such as, Virtual Love Assistant and Goddess Party. Daydree's warm, enthusiastic and focused approach helps clients disarm fear, access their gold within and connect to inner joy. Daydree Horner practices at BodyMind Systems Medical Center in Santa Monica, CA.