There are times when the thoughts are scattered and your mind races from one place to another. It’s in such times that we keep on forgetting the same thing over and over again. Many people complain about difficulty in concentration and poor memory which leads to adequate lives. However, such problems can be easily used to resolve by simple lifestyle choices. Here are 7 tips on how to help with concentration.

1.Take interest and identify your distractions

It’s almost impossible to concentrate and be attentive to anything you have no interest in. For example, staying a classroom while on your phone will restrict your ability to recall any important information. To be focused, the surrounding environment needs to be free from distractions. If studying, find a quiet place away from distractions such as the library or a study lounge

2.Exercise your mind

Your brain is a muscle and like any other muscle, it
needs exercise to stay healthy and function properly. While we use the brain for our day to day
functioning, doing simple, fun tasks such as solving crossword puzzles and
online games helps keep the brain at its best.

3. Physical exercise

Body exercises such as aerobics and cardio stimulates the brain function and improves blood supply to the brain. Carry out physical excises at least 3 times a week to increase your heart rate and improve the level of oxygenation. Apart from improved concentration, exercise reduces the likelihood of diseases that lead to memory loss.

4. Get enough sleep

It’s hard for a brain to function at its best if you are always fatigued; you need to take a break and relax. One of the best ways to relax your brain is by sleeping. Lack of sleep and improper sleeping patterns disrupts your mental focus throughout the day. Get 7 to 10 hours of restful sleep each night.

5. Yoga and mediation

Certain yoga techniques can significantly enhance your ability to recall information and maximize concentration. For example, Hranayama and Hatha can help with memory and concentration. 10 to 20 minutes of daily yoga can help control a flickering mind.

6. Eat right

Your diet affects the function of every part of your body, including the brain. For optimal brain function, you need a healthy diet. Foods rich in omega-3 essential fatty acids are considered focus-enhancing foods. Such foods include avocados, salmon, tuna, eggs, whole grain breads, dairy products, vegetables and foods high in potassium such as bananas.

Some herbs can also help improve blood flow to the brain and therefore better concentration. They include Brahmi, ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Vitamins B9, B12, and B6 are also great for memory and concentration.

7. Reduce stress

Finally, work on reducing your stress levels. The more you are stressed and worried, the poorer your concentration. Anger, anxiety, fear, worry, and stress causes your brain to lose focus.

Basically, learning how to improve your memory and concentration should be simple if you try any of the above listed tips. With a better concentration, you will have greater achievements that allow you to move forward in life.

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