Women are generally delicate in their wiring. This is not in any way a sign of weakness. It is even an endowment with which they balance the coarse nature of men.
In their relationship with men, women more often than not take whatever comes. They have a great capacity to endure all things or at least more than men can. However, there are some things women hate in their relationship with men. These things are distempers to the growth of the relationship. These include:
• Insensitivity: One of the things men must be engaged in is to learn to study to know and appreciate and fulfill their women's emotional needs. A woman is cut by half and loses self-esteem if her man is insensitive to her needs. She quickly concludes that she is not loved and is important to the man. Sensitivity gives the woman a feeling of her place in the heart of her man.
• Blackmail: This is one of the character traits of weaklings. This is the act of painting another person in bad light with a view to gaining advantage or destroying the person’s opportunity to win. It is often employed during competition in order to win or deny the other person the opportunity to win or enjoy their winning. It is very commonly used among men when they fight dirty to win a woman’s love or against an ex-girl friend with whom they have lost favor. There is no good reason to paint others black in order to gain favor or any advantage. Blackmail makes the perpetrator to appear cheap and petty. Women hate blackmailers.
• Lying: Some of the synonyms of lying are deceitful, insincere, dishonesty, two-faced, untruthful, double-dealing and false. Lying is a bad character trait. It is an expensive project to embark upon. Lies have a short life span. It takes several lies to cover one lie. Each lie as it is dying off would require several others to cover it thereby creating a vicious circle. It erodes confidence and trust in an arrangement and in the liar. And women dislike it. When a woman is lied to, she feels the same way she does when her virtue is taken dishonorably as in premarital sex.
• Selfishness: Some of the synonyms of selfishness are sell-centredness, self-interest and egotism. This is a negative trait whenever and wherever it is displayed. It gives out a person as being uncaring of other people’s interest and needs. The relationship between and women is one where both parties should care for one another. Selfishness runs against this important purpose of two people coming together in a relationship.
• Stingy Hands: Giving, especially gifts, has been a woman’s way of measuring how she is appreciated. When a man is stingy, a woman gets only one signal, this man does not love me or does not appreciate me. Women have even used this trait to a fault. They measure a man’s suitability for a relationship on how much gifts he could give during dating and courtship. This has also led them to get involved in Greek gifts. However we see it, getting gifts is important to a woman. So those who do not give are in trouble with his woman. Givers are kings and women want their men to be kings and lords over them.
• Pretence: Men can feel inadequate in the presence of a woman. This leads them to get into the habit of pretending to be someone else other than who they really are. No one needs to pretend to be someone else in order to win a woman’s love. If you do, as soon as the lie wears off, the relationship or love you have would die a tragic death. And you know what, women dislike pretence, especially when a man is the one doing it. Men go through a lot on the wrong side in trying to impress a woman. They perm or braid their hair, pierce their ear, wear ear-rings and do all sorts of things in this line of pretence. Like a lie, pretence is a hard project to sustain.
• Criticism: Two key components of criticism are disparagement and denigration. Another way to see these two key components is to mock and belittle another. Women in their delicate nature thrive on being honored. Disparaging comments are seriously disliked by women. Married men would tell you that demanding a woman to account for money given to her can be construed to mean criticism of her ability to manage funds.

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