Where to go for Yoga Teachers’ Training? A big question, isn’t it? And why not, because of so many options, places, and lucrative packages spilled all over the internet, it is difficult to choose the best fit. They all look the same, promise the same luxury, and represent similar Yoga programs. Standing amidst the information overload, muddle-headed, you think of that missing piece to the puzzle that might just help you choose one. What are the lesser known facts then? Here are 7 things that no one (could be unconsciously) ever tell you about Yoga Teachers’ Training Program:

• You Will Have a Hard Time Adjusting

Are you traveling to another city or country for your Yoga teachers’ training program? Well, chances are that you will face some adaptability issues. It takes time to adjust in a new environment, to a different cuisine, language, weather, and time zone. This can be exhausting for your mind and chances are that you might lose motivation in between. This is an important thing to consider while you make a move and sadly, none of the websites or information reservoir (most of them) warns you, beforehand.

Hack for You: At least 2 months prior to the travel, research about the food, local areas, and emergency stay options. Carry your medical kit as well. Are you ready for your ultimate Yoga Teachers Training Program? It is time for a major shift.

• You Will Disconnect With Entities

Have you been through a spiritual awakening yet? If not then be ready for a major shift as Yoga shall change your present life dimensions for real. Yoga and meditation, together, can help you differentiate between your choices, and as a result, you can learn to raise your boundaries. There are scientific studies stating that Yoga promotes inner awareness about self and others. So, don’t get surprised if you purposely block few people off your life.
Did any website warn you about this new energy?

Hack for You: While you block negative energies, you might experience major changes in your life. Just stay cool and approach to everything in a practical way.

Here comes the biggest bomb, “Which is the best Yoga Teachers Training program to go for?”

• No Teaching Program Will Be Enough or Even Less

There will be packages trying to pull in your attention towards a 500 hours program and all the good things associated with it. Later, you might find out that teachers weren’t trained enough or the timings were abrupt. So, you need to understand that it is not the hours that matters but your current agenda. A simple yet robust 200 hours Yoga Teacher training is more than enough for you to at least go ahead and start your own studio. A longer hour program is more for intense training demands and for people who have ample amount of time in hand. What if you work somewhere and see this training as a side-project?

Hack for You: Read Yoga Teacher Training Program Reviews for best options. Do not go by mouth-to-word marketing or friendly recommendation. It is about YOU.

• Not Everything Will Be Welcoming

Sometimes in life, you don’t have choices, so you accept things as they are. Therefore, not all teachers will come across as polite, not all schedules shall match with your preferences. This is quite of a practical possibility and you have no option but to go with the flow. Talk to the teachers about your issues, preferences, living circumstances (if you have traveled somewhere) and medical concerns. Maybe you are not comfortable with morning classes or classes that happen post 7 pm. The key is to communicate the problems, whatsoever and put forth the ideas.

Hack for You: Stay close to the training studio (if the package doesn’t include stay-in options) and solve half of your concerns.
What is the next challenge with my Yoga Teacher Training Program?

• Your Body Shall Scream for Help

No matter if you ever worked out before or not, practicing Yoga as a part of the training program shall hurt your muscles. You will be sore at unexpected places, mostly your thighs, back, lower abdomen, and arms. The main reason behind the uncalled pain is the frequency and different types of stretches you will do in the class. Stretching and seated poses ask for heavy-duty muscle flexing and this sends the body into adaptability mode. Your mind and body shall take a minimum of 21 days to cope with the changes and post that, you shall feel a new high.

Hack for You: Cold press the sore muscles and adjust your time for each stretch you do.

• You’ll Create Long-Lasting Friendships

A yoga teacher training is not only about an opportunity to learn yoga and delve deep into the practice. It is also about meeting new souls with similar aims in life. Wherever you may decide to pursue your training, you’ll come across people from different parts of the world. This would be a new learning experience where you’ll get to learn about new cultures and traditions. And in the process, you’ll create every-lasting bonds with some of your fellow mates. Stay in touch with them because you never know when you may require their help.

Hack for You: Note down the contact numbers of your fellow partners in the yoga training program. It will come handy in the future.

• You Will Fall Several Times Before the Rise

This is assuredly, one big thing no one will tell you. Whether you go for the perfectly designed 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training or beyond, it doesn’t matter. The real test shall start when the training is over. Right after the training, you might start you own studio and proceed with your ventures but this is not the final destination. There will be instances when you will not able to solve the queries or help your students achieve a perfect a pose, or even help them to meditate for minutes. It doesn’t mean that you lack the knowledge but it reflects that practice is important in the later stages as well. Take a side gig and train people to fathom the intensity of your training and create a track record for yourself. Nothing makes you better than a perfect combination of a training program and self-practice.

Hack for You: No matter how busy you become, take out a few minutes off from the schedule to enjoy self-practice.

Are you ready for your Yoga Training Program? Yes you are!

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