SAT time management tips aim to guide you in making the most out of the allocated time for your test. By all means, you have to optimize the total of 3 hours and 45 minutes of testing time given to you. Your main goal is to not run out of time when taking the SAT. Otherwise, if you are unprepared, you might find yourself grasping for more time which could eventually lead to test anxiety. It’s a domino effect from then on. Getting into a state of panic could result to you missing some test items, and ultimately damage your SAT score. What are effective SAT time management tips to remember?

Bring an inaudible watch with you in your testing center. It’s the type of watch that doesn’t beep. You can make use of such tool so that you can pay attention to the time while you are testing. Although there tends to be a clock in your testing room, tag along an extra watch so that you can ensure the time.

Know how many questions are featured in each section of the SAT. Being in-the-know about how many test items you have to tackle in every portion of the SAT will make you conscious of the time limit for each question. You’ll be wary, too, of applying the right time management strategies to accomplish every section on time.

Take time to familiarize yourself with the SAT instructions during your test prep. This is why you have to take sufficient amounts of SAT practice tests. These test prep materials will acclimatize you to the real SAT test day experience. Utilizing SAT practice tests allows you to answer the questions in the actual test faster and prevent test anxiety.

Omit answering difficult test questions- return to them if you have extra time at the end of the section. You actually don’t have to answer the SAT test items in correct order. So in case you’re stuck in a particular question, skip it for the meantime and move on to the next number. Go back to responding to that difficult question when you have a few minutes left.

Guess if you’re in a rut, but do it intelligently. Are you completely clueless about some test items in the SAT? A smart guessing technique that you can apply is eliminating wrong answers. If that happens to be not possible as well, just bubble in your choice. It’s not a good idea to linger on a specific test item.

Don’t allocate the same amount of time to every test question. Consider that each question in the SAT varies in difficulty. There are easy questions and there are tricky test items. Apparently, you should spend more time in dealing with the latter, and lesser time tackling the former. An effective strategy is to answer the easier questions first, then proceed to the harder test items.

Complete the time limit that has been allotted for every section. Finishing a section in the SAT before the designated time is over doesn’t mean you should get complacent. Maximize every minute when taking the SAT. Remember the questions wherein you had to guess? Get back to them and mull over a better answer choice. It just might add lucky points to your score.

These SAT time management tips can help you better prepare for your coming academic feat. Your test prep goal should be to make you more confident come the final day of your test so you can achieve the best score possible.

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