If you look at some gardens, you will so much admire it because the gardens are well watered and taken good care of. However, some other gardens are overgrown with weeds that the site looks ugly. The same is true of some marriages; some marriages are like that well-watered garden while some are not.

So for your marriages to be like that of a well-watered garden, you must take a time to attend or work on your marriage for it to work. You must pay the necessary prize by implementing certain principles that make for a successful marriage. That is why it is said, “Work on your marriage if you want to see your marriage to work.”

Most a time, we see some couples enjoying their marriages and enjoying each other to the fullness and we admire and cherish them, but the opposite is seen in our own marriage. The reason is that some worked on their marriage by paying the necessary prize and that is why they are enjoying the fruits of their labor. It is said, “The way you make your bed is the way you will lay on it”. Your marriage is good or sweet as you make it.

Some couples, because of the negative things they are seeing in their marriage, they accuse each other of being responsible. They point accusing fingers at each other of being responsible. Some even say many bad things about their spouse even calling him or her a witch or wizard; some think that marrying that man or the woman was a mistake. It is not so, your marriage was not a mistake, but you are the mistake.

To this end, if you will diligently follow these simple steps, you will see that you will launch your marriage into a positive new dimension and next level.

First you should reflect back and answer this question “why did you choose that woman as your wife or why did you accept that man as your husband”? I strongly believe that the main reason was because you loved him or her. So the question then is “what happened to that love, is that love increasing or declining and why”?

So to launch your marriage to the next level, you must necessarily answer the love issue and take practical steps to really change as to move your marriage to the next level.

The following are the practical check as to prove your commitment and love for each other, it is necessary that both of you should sit down together and ponder and sincerely ask and answer the following questions?

Firstly, what is the strength of your love and commitment to your marriage and for each other? Do you sincerely love and are committed to each other? If both of you will resolve to sincerely love each other more and get more committed to your marriage and to each other, you will see that your marriage is launched to the new level.

Secondly, to what extent are you taking care of the welfare needs of each other? In fact, when last did you buy things like present for each other? Particularly as a man, to what extent are you grooming your bride? You will recall that you are called a bridegroom when you matched to the altar, meaning that you are expected to groom your bride. So to what extent are you doing that?

Thirdly, to what extent are you taking care of the sexual needs of each other? Are you enjoying your sex life to the fullness or are not starving each other of sex? The two of you should resolve to satisfy each other sexually at all time without attaching any condition and never at any time or reason starve each other of sex.

Fourthly, to what extent are you intimate with each other? You see, your love for each other started to decline because you no longer have time for each other. Both of you should resolve and start to build a stronger intimacy with each other and you will surely see that your marriage relationship will take a positive turn around and move to the next level.

Fifthly, to what extent do you accept when you are wrong as well as apologize and forgive each other when you are wrong? Both of you should learn to accept when you are wrong and say “I am sorry from your heart” and as well learn to forgive and forget when your spouse says “I am sorry”.

Sixthly, to what extent do you trust each other? The problem with some couples is that they don’t trust each other so both of you should resolve and start building a strong trust for each and resolve not to betray the trust for each other. One of the reasons why some marriages crashed is because couples don’t trust each other and do things with reckless abandon without minding how their partner feels about them.

Finally, deal ruthlessly with selfishness. Selfishness is a sure sign that you don’t have a strong love and trust each other. Once couples start to use the phrase “irreconcilable differences”, it is a sure sign that selfishness has taken root in their marriage relationship and must be dealt with ruthlessly if that marriage must survive.

Couples who love and trust each other do most a time compromise their stand just to please each other. Couples who love each and are not selfish don’t insist on having his or her way so to insist on having your way is a sign of selfishness.

The above seven points are very simple marriage principles but will surely launch your marriage to a greater height and next level if you and your spouse will diligently implement them. See you and your spouse move to the next level in your marriage. Shalom.

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Hi!, my name is Ugwu Vincent, peers call me Vinco. Today, people have come to know and call me by the name ‘Princevinco’, a username I used some time ago in a forum.

Princevinco is a Chartered Accountant by Profession but ventured into blogging to be sharing the articles GOD is inspiring me to write on the net.

Finally, I wish that you know something, that is "the level of your commitment to your spouse and marriage determines the level in which you enjoy your marriage". Also, "your marriage is as good or bad as the way you make it". You may read more interesting and educative articles by visiting http://www.evergreenmarriage.com . Shalom.