The fate vs. free will argument has been around for eons. We believe you have free will to make the most of your fate and even shape it, but not how you may think.

The motivational and self-help marketplace is full of well-intentioned professionals promising to make you the captain of your destiny. You can do anything you put your mind to, anything, they say. All you have to do is work hard, believe in yourself, and follow their advice.

We’re all for inspiration, but we like it to be rooted in reality.

Very few in that industry will concede to the concepts of reincarnation and personal fate. After all, you only have one life, they say. Others claim you’re just a body and brain with no soul. Fair enough--everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

Unfortunately, if the motivational advice doesn’t work, a follower will feel like a failure, not understanding that outcomes depend on fate and that the journey is just as or more important than the goal.

The definition of fate, in part, includes events and circumstances in your life that you have no control over and cannot change. It’s pretty straight forward, but we’ve encountered many people who deny this basic concept or alter the definition to fit their agenda.

Are you in complete control of your destiny? Below we list seven signs you are the captain of your destiny.

1. You’re able to control the choices and actions of others--what they think, say, and do. You never face any insurmountable obstacles in your interpersonal interactions because you’re the master of your reality. Your superhero cape is as beautiful as you are brilliant!

2. Your health and that of everyone you love is like that of an Olympic gold medalist swimmer. There are rarely any physical limitations or illnesses to distract you from living the dream life you demand. If you ever do encounter any, you cure it with your magic wand and then go on to have the best year ever!

3. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, you believe you control your subconscious mind. All those hidden fears and defenses (e.g., arrogance) don’t bother you, and you never screw up because of them.

4. You’ve never experienced anything but success in your career. Every money-making venture you’ve undertaken has turned to gold, exactly to your high expectations. Nobody ever blocks your plans or projects because everyone knows you are the CEO of your existence and to do so would be an affront to the power of the universe. All you have to do is get in touch with the abundance of the universe and it’s yours, right?

5. All your relationships, including early life, family, romantic, and professional are completely harmonious. There’s no resistance, strife, or negativity. It’s common for you and all your loved ones to spontaneously break into song about the perfection of your relationships.

6. Every time you travel, nothing goes wrong. Delays, cancellations, bad weather, rip-offs, and other travel problems are for other people, because you are the controller of your reality.

7. Whenever something unwanted or unexpected happens in your life, you wave your favorite motivational book at the problem and call out, “I am the wizard of my reality! I command thee to go my way!” Magically, things do go your way because you create everything in your life, exactly to your tastes.

Unfortunately, nobody has super-human powers that will change their preordained fate.

Sometimes it may seem like you changed your fate, but the change was destined, as was using your free will within the framework of your fate.

We believe you can make the most of your fate and you can even shape your future fate (i.e., your fate in future lifetimes) by how you respond now to people, events and conditions in your life.

You can’t eliminate your fate, but you can do your best, which will optimize the rewards and limit the challenges in your life.

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