I have experienced a lot in my spiritual journey and everything is not pretty and beautiful as most spiritualist will have you believe. We are all spiritual beings but not all of us has what it takes to communicate to the other side. These events can appear scary, bizarre, and impossible to some, but it’s real and there are people out here, experiencing this spiritual download. I know you may feel crazy and scared but, I am here to tell you, you’re not and you are not alone. Here are 7 signs you are a spiritualist.

#1 You can feel unseen energies around you. You can step into an environment and feel there is someone or something there. Acknowledging this presence is the first act of communication.

#2 You see spirits! Shadow like people or a faded images. Some people may see colors or orbs. This means you are able to see through the veil between the physical and spiritual world.

#3 You can hear messages telepathically from the other side. It sounds like it’s in your head, but it’s truly voices from within. You may also experience hearing actual voices. These voices sound like real people having a conversation, but no one else can hear it but you.

#4 You speak to yourself or at least it appears that way to others. You find yourself talking out loud and you know someone is listening. Sounds crazy but it’s TRUE.

#5 You’re able to provide messages to others from their spirit guides. You’re able to give inspiration and divine instructions to individuals in need of spiritual guidance.

#6 You have sharp intuition. You can hear your spirit guides and ancestors telling you what to do. You can see things coming before it happens.

#7 You spend more time in meditation or in prayer. During both, you are moving in between worlds. Your eyes are closed and your focusing your energy as a higher being to allow communication to the spirit world. In complete darkness, you are moving through the Universe and receiving messages from the Divine Ones. The only entrance to the spiritual world is through darkness. You can see spirits anytime of the day, but to communicate with them most of the time, you will be in the dark.

I hope this list was helpful to you and gives you a better understanding of the signs you may be experiencing. Some of you may not be spiritual and don’t understand the things that are happening to you, but this is a gift, you can’t escape.

You are being called to your higher self because you have a spiritual responsibility and obligation to yourself and your community to awaken as many souls as possible to this knowledge. You are here to provide divine messages from their spirit guides until they are able to hear it for themselves.

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