You are at a stage in your career where you continue to think about getting out of your current job role and dwell in self-doubt. You may tell yourself, “Why am I so concerned? After all, it is just a bad day in the office”. Or, you may also feel 'ungrateful' when a 'job-change thought' crosses your mind.

It is understandable that changing jobs is a scary thought. Who wants to go through the hectic interview process once again? Or, who wishes to go through the screening process again, such as obtaining another National Police Check, or other Background Checks?

However, it is essential to understand the real warning signs before it starts hampering your mental state or career growth. This article will cover the major signs when you should seriously consider a job change. Have a read if you want to differentiate between those red flags and your illusion.

You’re Always Complaining About Your Office!

Do you always feel like complaining about everything in your workplace, or find yourself doing so all the time? Perhaps you liked a few things earlier but can’t stand it now? When a major part of your conversations with your family members or friends are about lamenting and complaining about your day at work, that’s a red flag!

Bad Mental And Physical State

Mental health is an important concern among many these days. This can alter one’s physical health as well, and vice versa. If you experience high levels of stress or anxiety at the workplace, it may be time to start planning for a change.

You Hate Mondays, The Most!

It's OK if you have dreaded Mondays sometimes! Most of us experience it at one point. But do you dread every Monday, or worse, every day? Do you need to find the motivation to go to work?

Less Productive At Work

You may be losing focus at work, and that's affecting your productivity and performance. It can be a significant red signal. You are not only jeopardizing your career growth but also becoming a liability to your current organization.

Not Getting Along With The Manager Or Co-Workers

Sometimes you want to leave the job not for the company or the work you are doing, but because of the manager. Some people have a tendency to belittle colleagues who work under them in the hierarchy, even when they are doing a good job. If you too feel discriminated against, you can raise the issue to the management.

On the other hand, if you are not getting along with the manager or the people at work, you should address these concerns with them and try to conclude on a solution.

Unusual Appetite

Have you lost your appetite completely? Or, are you overeating these days? Both are signs of abnormal mental health. If this is happening because of stress related to your work, you can consider that a job change may be required.

Dreaming About Retirement Or Early Retirement

Are early retirement plans crossing your mind more often than usual? Are you dreaming of retirement all day long, counting the years, months, and days before the time comes, or maybe just imagining what it would be like more often than usual? In countdown mode, don't waste your professional life. Instead, to find a place that is rewarding and emotionally fulfilling, take that feeling and use it as inspiration.

What Should You Do Next?

If you are experiencing many of the factors we’ve mentioned in this blog, it is quite evident that you should change your current job. However, the decision should not be taken in a hurry. It would help if you did not quit your organization abruptly or without having a better opportunity in hand.

There are a few things you can do before looking for a new opportunity. First, you should update your resume, and then apply for new jobs. You also need to be well-prepared before the interview. Go through the job profile and check the opportunity of growth there.

You can also check the company review on LinkedIn or other social media platforms to get to know about the work culture before taking a final decision. There is also an important step you should not skip while applying for a new job; That is obtaining an Employment Police Check. You can quickly obtain a fast and 100% online Police Check from an ACIC accredited body like KONCHECK.

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Job change is a scary thought. Go through the job hunt, the interview rounds, obtain your background checks and so on. But do you understand the warning signs when you seriously consider it? Read More