Self care is crucial to emotional healing. Emotional pain doesn’t happen at a convenient times. Everything seems to be going along fine and suddenly, in a flash, you find yourself at the bottom of an emotional hole in the ground with no way out. Everything seems all wrong.You have tripped into what I call an “emotional land mine.” That is an emotional trigger that gets tripped by a recent event that indicates some unfinished emotional business. You are hurting, and often don’t even know why. Or you may recognize a hurt from the past -your resentment of a cruel mother, or a hurt from a previous lover. You feel awful and don’t quite know what to do.

Healing takes intention, support and wisdom. Getting professional support such as energy healing and counseling helps to navigate and get the quickest rewards from your challenge. Don’t go it all alone. A qualified professional knows the journey. It’s like having a GPS for your journey into uncharted territory. This will support you with the steps that are necessary to heal.

You want to heal, so you make your first steps. You have begun the journey. But you are still hurting. There are things that you can do to support your process. Self care is one of these things that can empower you as you fulfill your needs for your body, mind, and spirit as you heal.

Learning supportive new skills is essential. Using these 7 Self Care Tips will help you set a foundation for your healing journey by taking time to reflect on your needs and fulfilling them. Begin to incorporate them into your daily life.

7 Self Care Tips to Support Emotional Healing

SPIRIT: Remind yourself of your Divine nature. Know that you are held in Love, even as you feel that you are drowning in emotion. Do what you can to connect to this Eternal Light and ask for your Wisdom Within to guide you. And then allow yourself to be loved, held and guided to your next step. Allow this knowing to become a part of you. This won’t be your last challenge in life. This is an emotional survival skill that is crucial to know.

MIND: Fill your mind with uplifting words that support you. Use the power of your mind to steady you as you navigate shifting sand.Use Scripture or spiritual writings to remind you of your Eternal nature. Spend time each day to clear the incorrect assumptions about life by infusing them with Truth.

MIND: Here is where your meditation or mindfulness practice is worth its weight in gold. Being able to calm your mind from all the worry and fear will help calm your emotions.

EMOTIONS: Remember that these can be much like a tsunami, arising without warning and sweeping you away. No need to judge yourself. Be as present as you can with the emotion. Your emotions are messages. Ask to know the message of the emotion. Connect deeply with the younger part of yourself that doesn’t feel prepared for this challenge and let him/her know that your adult part is there to get answers and support.

BODY: Take care of your needs- healthy food, water, proper sleep, gentle exercise, walking in nature, yoga. Taking care of your needs sends an important message that you value and love yourself.

BODY: Grounding exercises are great from calming overwrought emotions. Bring your energy down, dropping it out of your head and shoulders and into your legs and feet will help get you out of overblown emotional states.

BODY: Take soak baths with epson salts. 1-2 cups in a tub of warm water and soak for 20 minutes. This clears the energy field of psychic debris, that has been shaken loose by your healing efforts. Very calming to the nervous system and helps replenish magnesium. Great when tension is making your muscles tight and contracted.

As you learn to perform your 7 steps, you will be supporting yourself with love and attention. It will feel better just knowing that you are building strength taking care of yourself on the deepest level. You will feel more balanced and nurtured, giving you the courage to build the inner strength that will serve you well beyond this challenge.

Author's Bio: 

Marilyn Eppolite is a intuitive energy therapist and spiritual counselor. She helps clients transform drama, trauma and chaos into emotional health through drug free energy techniques. She shows clients how to use the power of their chakras and energy field to support them in times of stress. She inspires them to connect to their Wisdom Within to answer questions to the challenges in their lives.

She is the author of a forthcoming book titled From Chaos to Calm: 7 Steps to Finding Your Way Out of Overwhelm and Into Your Life Again.