Contrary to what some of you might believe, hypnosis is not a modern creation by any means; it’s been there since the dawn of men, and it’s accessible to everyone. But it’s true that in the past, hypnosis has gained a bad reputation from all the misconceptions that were showed in movies. Precisely for this reason, it’s entirely possible that you might perceive hypnosis in Wollongong to be scary or dangerous because you don’t know what it is all about. The truth, however, is that hypnosis in a healthy and natural state of mind where one can achieve a higher level of focus.

By simply pushing aside the conscious mind, hypnosis gains access to the subconscious mind where powerful and positive changes can occur quite easily.

Some of the secrets which you should know about hypnosis are:-

• It is within everyone’s reach to learn self-hypnosis. Every time you want to go to hypnosis, you don’t necessarily need a hypnotist by your side. It’s a learned skill which can be attained by almost everyone.

• Predominantly what we think will happen usually happen. This means that people who think like losers usually become losers and the ones who think about winners become winners. The best thing is that you can control the way you think and positively program you.

• You can hear or remember everything during hypnosis. Usually, the depth of hypnosis varies from spacing out to a light trance and having the impression of sleeping. It’s nothing more than a nice feeling. It’s not like in the movies where the hypnotist would count to three and the patients would wake up all of a sudden.

• Everyone can use hypnosis in Wollongong to enhance their physical and mental health. It's a fact that the human brain uses only 10% of its mental power. Hypnosis can be great to open the pathway to the hidden treasures our mind contains.

• The hypnotist in Wollongong can’t control you in any way. This is a great misconception which people have which, to be honest, has been more prominent in movies. But it’s completely untrue because they can merely act as a guide just like a Sherpa guides you up the mountain. At the end of the day, you will have to climb it yourself. You will have to understand that in movies where it's shown that a hypnotist is controlling their patients, they don’t actually do so; they are merely acting.

Hypnosis has never been a truth serum. A liar will still be a liar even during hypnosis. Precisely for this reason, hypnosis is never used in the court of law as a proof or evidence. But it’s also true that hypnosis can help people recollect certain things which they wouldn’t have remembered otherwise.

• It’s true that the power of hypnosis is limitless just as the human imagination. Some of the most successful people in the world today are in the position they are in because they imagined they would be successful. Ask any athlete before the performance, and they all will say that they are “in zone”. This zone is referred to as having complete focus which is needed to deliver great performances. This “zone” is nothing but hypnosis.

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