What is the water chiller?
It is an internal part of an HVAC system. It removes the heat of the system by cooling the air. The two types of water chiller commonly used in the HVAC system are absorption and mechanical type.
The mechanical chiller system consists of evaporator, compressor, condenser and other control devices. On the other hand, absorption type water chiller consists only of generator and absorber. Chiller manufacturers produce mechanical chiller system.

How does water chiller work?

In most of the process cooling application, there is a pumping system which helps to regulate the cool water solution from the chiller to the process. It helps to remove the heat from the process and then warm fluid returns to the chiller. It includes the chemical compound, a called refrigerant and the application which depends on the temperature need but all they work on the basic compression. The process of the heating and the cooling the refrigerant and changing from the gas to the liquid is the refrigerant cycle.

It starts from the lower amount of the pressure gas which mixes when entering the evaporator. In the evaporator, heat changes from low-pressure liquid to a low-pressure gas. The gas enters the composer in which it is compressed to gas. The gas enters in the condenser in which condenser water removes the heat to cool to liquid. The liquid went to the valve, which controls how much liquid, enters into the evaporator. In the end, the refrigeration cycle starts again.

Industrial chiller manufacturers use air cooler and water is cooled as condensers in chillers. An air-cooled condenser used air to cool and then liquefy. It can be located inside the chiller or outside but in the end, it rejects the heat from the chiller to the air. Water cooled is condensers in the chiller which is used by the Water chiller manufacturers.
How it will help the Industries to work efficiently?
Here are the reasons why water chiller helps in Industries.
1. It increases efficiency
It drastically increases the efficiency of the refrigerator. Even the refrigerator works at its peak.
2. To move the refrigerant through the system
Water chiller supports the refrigerant to move through the system. There is a whole process of it which was similar to the water pump.
3. To transfer process heat
It helps to transfer the process heat from the refrigerant which helps to lower the pressure and increase the performance.
4. Industrial cooling Solution
When you use the water chillers in the industries then you can give reliable cooling and also increase the efficiency of it.
5. It removes the heat from the liquid.
It is used to facilitate heat exchange from the water to the refrigerator in the closed loop system. It helps in the cooling process.
6. It lowers down the temperature
It lowers the temperature in between the 40 to 45 F before the water is forced to the location to be cooled. To give the better cooling the water temperature goes down.

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